May 29, 2010

Late night Saturday....

My chemo started a while ago and I am sleeping like a baby.....ssshhhh
Thank you for praying! :)

May 29...evening

Pray for me! I am getting another chemo treatment in just a little while. It is another strong dose but pray I take is as well as I did last night. Pray I sleep thru it again. The doctors told us the results of the bone marrow test. Praise the Lord the cancer is not in my bones. Continue to pray for that because they did say there is something suspicious we are going to monitor. I had a good day playing withbend-a-roos and polishing nails. Thank you for praying.

May 29, 2010

Had my third round of chemo last night. I slept through the whole thing and didn't wake up with nausea at all. Slept like a rock. Thanks for all your prayers they are working. - Halie