October 15, 2010

Praise the Lord...so far I'm feeling pretty good!

Just a quick update...I feel pretty good.  Please keep praying.  Pray my organs are protected from this medication, my blood pressure stays in a good range, I don't lose too much weight and God continues to heal me!


October 14, 2010


Reported to Texas Children's Hospital for a stem cell transplant. Going to be at the hospital 5 weeks. This procedure is very tough and painful. Please be praying for me. 1 day down 34 to go.

October 12, 2010

Alrightie....this is a message from daddy

This is a big message from daddy...it has lots of information about my procedure...pray for me ...PLEASE!!!!

Hey all. We have a big couple of months coming up so it is a good time for and update.

Tomorrow we report to Texas Children's Hospital for the stem cell transplant. From what I have been told this is a really tough procedure. It starts with some very strong chemotherapy that is designed to knock out any of the remaining cancer cells. In the past most of the chemotherapy has been 1-3 hour treatments. Some of the drugs this time will run for up to 22 hours. Chemotherapy works by killing cells that reproduce rapidly, which is why people lose their hair when they go through treatment. This round of chemo is so aggressive that it attacks other cells like your stomach lining and bone marrow. The unfortunate result is that she will end up with bleeding sours in her stomach, throat and mouth. Another complication is a complete loss of appetite and weight loss is a real struggle. Also he bones will ache from the killing of the bone marrow. They expect her to be hooked up to a morphine pump to help with the pain for almost 2 weeks. The hospital stay will be 30 straight days with 60 additional days of recovery at home. That is the bad news. The good news is that we were able to harvest her own stem cells for the transplant a few months ago. Since she is receiving her own cells back, there is little chance of rejection and gives her an advantage in this process.

Please be praying for Halie that the side effects from these treatments will be minimal and that she will recover quickly from the transplant. Also be praying for Jennifer and myself as we will be in isolation as a result of this procedure. The chemo kills the immune system, so coming into contact with any sort of virus can be life threatening. I'll be at the hospital for 2 weeks and Jennifer will be there 30 days at a minimum. Flu season is coming up so we will only have a limited interaction with the kids to prevent spreading something to Halie. This will be a tough month for everyone, but we will make it some how.

When I look back over the last 6 months I am reminded of an ancient people. A people on whom the Egyptian army was bearing down from behind. A people had nothing but the sea in front of them with no hope of getting to the other side. A people who could not turn back and could not go forward, but God made a way. A pillar of fire came down from heaven and blocked the armies from behind, while the seas parted ahead of them making a way to escape.

God has also made a way for Halie. We started this situation with Stage 4 cancer and hope, but not necessarily confidence of making it through this difficult situation. For us the seas have parted and we just need to take a few steps forward in faith that we will make it to the other side.

Thanks again for all your help and support. Our church, friends and the Anadarko family have been a true blessing though this difficult time.

October 11, 2010

Just a tiny delay

Hey...sorry I haven't been able to get to a computer for a few days.  My transplant has been post-poned for a few days.  I am scheduled for this Wednesday...the 13th.  More later...