October 30, 2010


Hey!  I am really tired and my body is trying to recover.  I have to say it has been really tough the past few days...my fever got really high and the doctors brought cooling blankets for me but the good news is now my temperature is pretty much normal!!  PRAISE THE LORD!!!  There have been a few other little bumps in the road but the Lord has worked them out as well!  Please keep praying for my body to recover.  I still have a loooong road ahead! 

Just wondering if anyone has checked out my links yet.  They are really cool.  There will be a bake sale soon at the hospital to benefit CNCF.  I can't wait to see all the goodies!  Time for more rest.  Thank you and please continue to pray for me!

PS Thank you Lord for giving mommy and daddy's friend, Danny Parrott, a new liver!


October 28, 2010

The fighting cells are coming back!!!!!!!!!!!

PRAISE THE LORD my ANC is 70!!  I know this doesn't sound like much...but...little IS much when God is in it!!!!!!  Other exciting new....my doctors gave me steroids last night to boost my body and take over where my adrenal glands used to work (remember, they removed them.)   Well... my fever went down to 99...praise the Lord!  I haven't had any tylenol since last night and my temperature is still at 99...praise the Lord!!!!  I still feel pretty yuckie but the good news is my fighting cells are coming back and SOON these sores will heal!!

OK...I am going to rest now...and just offer praise to the Lord...

Please continue to pray and thanks for praying!!

October 27, 2010

Lord...please break this fever!

Join with me praying for this fever to GO AWAY!!!! 

xxxxooxoxoxoxoooxxoooxox   thanks  :)

I feel like Job....

How long will this last...I will wait on You and You will give me strength!!  Even though I don't feel good I wanted to add links to my blog.  They are located in the right column just above the picture of mommy and me.  These sites have tons of information about my cancer.  Take a look! 

Now back to resting.

October 26, 2010

No wind in my sail

Hey...I am feeling really yuckie.  This is absolutely NO fun and my fever won't break.  Please pray the Lord would make my fever go down ~ away!  I sleep alot which my body needs...pray all my vital organs stay healthy.  The doctors say my kidneys are doing great...Please pray this new medication works!!! This is really, really difficult!  Jesus...help!

October 25, 2010

Daddy's message...

Just wanted to give everyone a quick update. When we checked into the hospital we started with 4 days x 24 hrs a day of straight chemotherapy. That part of the procedure went well. Last Wednesday Halie received her cells back and was doing great. Starting Friday she developed a fever of 103. This isn't great because it could be a virus or infection and she has no immune system to fight it. On top of that she has developed the mouth and throat soars and generally feels terrible. The fever has been at 103 for three days now, but measured 100 this morning for the first time, so hopefully the fever has broken. Please continue to keep Halie in your prayers.
On a positive note we have really experienced some genuine hospitality from some non-profit organizations.
His Grace - had a big basket of snacks, some toys for Halie and brought us a big meal on the day of transplant. They will also give families a $25 shopping credit and will go to the store for them once a week.
Deck My Room - came in Thursday and decked out the hospital room with pink blankets, pink pillows, put butterfly stickers all over the room and brought two huge bags full of toys for her to play with.
APC Fishing Tournament - gave us a big check that will really help with all the extra expenses that mount with a five week hospital stay.
We have been very blessed by our friends, co-workers and complete strangers through this difficult process. If you are have a little extra jingle in your pocket and want to use it to make a real difference in a child's life, please consider supporting one of these groups.
The Pigott's

October 24, 2010

Pain, pain...go away!!!!

This post isn't for the faint hearted!  I have sores all through my mouth and throat, stomach and intestinal tract.  It is awful.  The good news is the pain medication works pretty well.  I still vomit and feel pretty yuckie though.  Mommy and daddy are troopers.  They comfort me and do the best they can to help me.   Pray for continued strength as God works moment by moment in my life and my mommy and daddy's.  He is carrying us through, Praise the Lord, please make the healing and feeling better come soon!!!  Thank you to everyone praying for us.  This is soooo very hard for us!