September 9, 2010

One down....

Praise the Lord...I was very still as they did the scan and now we just have to wait for results to come back in the next week or so!  Thank you Jesus!!!

September 8, 2010

mommy and daddy's update

I asked mommy to write the update for it is:


This Thursday, tomorrow, Halie will start her week of tests. She will have her CT scan on her neck.. This will show if there is a need for surgery on her neck which the surgeon is hoping will not be needed since it is a delicate area.

Monday, 13th will be tests on her heart, kidney and hearing to see if there has been any damage and for dosage amounts come stem cell treatment. This determines what amount of dosage will be used. The doctors want to use maximum dosage, so if there is damage to the heart or kidney then they will need to use a smaller dosage.

Tuesday,14th will be bone scans. There was originally 6/4 and by end of chemo round #2 there was only 1 left. So our prayer of course would be that there are no tumors. But in all- we want the doctors to be able to see if there is anything there.

16th-there will be a scan on Halie's chest, abdomen and pelvic. She has already had surgery on her abdomen and all was removed, but this scan will show if any cancer started to grow in the abdomen area. Of course, our prayer would be no.

Prayer also that the stem cells that were harvested and will be placed back into Halie are cancer free.

Wisdom for mom and dad, because God has given Halie grace and is acting great, but when they went back to the clinic yesterday her hemoglobin was 6 which is extrememely low and Halie needed a blood transfusion.
Ok there you have it.  Please just pray, pray, PRAY!!!!
Thank You ...everyone!!!