June 12, 2010

Big day yesterday!

Well I had a good day with daddy yesterday.  We played ball.  We colored.  We even found the play room!! I love my daddy!!  Mommy and my brothers and sister came up around dinner time.  We played some more. What a fun time.  Whew- was I tired when they left. I was asleep within 30 minutes and slept almost 12 hours!Thank you Lord for my good day with my family.
My mommy and I are hanging out today.  My levels are pretty much the same. Can't wait till they are at a point when I can go home. Keep praying!

June 11, 2010


Well I had a good day- resting and sleeping yesterday.  My body needed that time to recover and get stronger.  Praise God my levels are going up!!  My counts looks like my body is recovering!! Thank you Lord. My immune system is getting stronger.  I am so thankful.  Maybe soon if it keeps getting stronger I can go home.  Mommy is having a sweet time with my brothers and sister.  She is coming back today.   I hope they come see me soon because I miss them. Thank you everyone for praying for me. Our God is so good.  Keep praying !

June 10, 2010

Chillin' with daddy!

Tonight .... it's just me and daddy!!  Now we are gonna have some fun!  Mommy went to see my brothers and sister and to get some REST!  Pray for her...pray for refreshing and rest.  Pray for me too...please.  I really want to go home.  My blood levels are still low...God is bigger than these levels and I know He can cause them to produce FAST!!!  Pray for daddy to get some rest tonight too.  Thank you everyone...good night!


Although I really like visitors, my mommy wants me to get some rest today. She says rest will help my body recover and get stronger.  So NO Hide and Go Seek -Ms.Amber and Ms. Melissa .. at least not for today!!  Please call my mommy before coming down.


Good morning!! Please pray for my blood levels to go up. I received another blood transfusion again last night, but my levels still are low this morning.  The doctors want to give me a platelet transfusion this morning.  Also, my heart rate was up again last night.
Please pray that God will turn my levels the other way and my body will respond well!! Please pray, pray, pray.... I want to go home!

June 9, 2010

Good morning!

Praise the Lord...my counts are beginning to go up!  HOORAY!!!  Pray they continue to increase...then I'll be able to go home!!!  The doctors told me I don't have bacteria in my blood...Thank You God!!!   Pray that as they take me off my antibiotics that my fever will not come back!  Praise God for His care for ME!!!

Here is a bit of concern....as you know with the chemo, most patients hair will fall out.   Well...it is starting to happen to me.  Please pray for mommy and me as it happens.

June 8, 2010


Hello everyone!
Today I received platelets because mine were very low....pray for my body to begin producing lots and lots of them.
I am getting more blood too... pray again that my blood levels will increase quickly....I wanna go HOME!!!!!
Lord...please cause my body to produce what I need.

Monday was a fun day

We laughed and played ....  thank You Lord for the joy.

June 7, 2010

~~ Blood Drive ~~

There is a blood drive scheduled for June 19th from 8:00AM - 12:00 noon
at Lakeside Bible Church.  This would be alot of help to me.   They will have my number on hand to give blood credits to me! 

Thank you for donating for me!

The doctor report.

Well... the cancer is in my bones. This won't change my treatment but it may take longer now to get rid of it!  There are tumors in my body but not throughout ...
Praise the Lord! I had to get another blood transfusion this morning and depending on how I do today I may get another one tomorrow.

Here is an answered prayer too:  My cental line...where they draw blood and give me the chemo...IT'S WORKING AGAIN!!!  Praise the Lord!  Now I don't get lots of needle sticks.  :)

my blood levels go up ...and quickly...so I can go back home!!!!
My mommy gets needed rest and doesn't get sick.
my daddy has a good day at work and gets back to the hospital soon.
sorry for the delay in this information....the blogspot had comunication trouble earlier today.  This is what has been happening:

Started running a fever on Friday and had to come up to the hospital. Spent 2 days in ICU and it looks like I will be here a little while. Also have a visit with my doctor to go over all my tests.

Pray that the test will show the neuroblastoma spread is limited to what we already know and that my blood counts will recover so I can go... home. Looks like I will be here another 3-5 days.

June 6, 2010

Out of ICU

Word from Nana..Cathy Norris, Your prayers are an encouragement to everyone. Halie is much better today. Her white count is very low and is still recieving antibiotics. But....Praises! She has been moved to the oncology ward. Never thought i would be thankful for that! Amazing how God can change our perspective so quickly!