July 17, 2010


Boy do I love being home!!  Since last post I completed round 3 of chemo (hooray!!), was released Thursday morning for home and enjoying my time with my family!  This week is when my body is going to be recovering from the chemo and I become  "neutropenic"..big word for no immune system.  This is a hard time...I won't feel too good and it begins to worry mommy and daddy.  They, like me, pray alot and lean on the Lord to help me.  Please pray for me ... pray the fever stays away, I DRINK ALOT of water (or eat a TON of popcicles!!) and I won't need to go back to the hospital because of dehydration.  I have a few appointments this week and mommy has to give me an injection until I go in for the stem cell harvest.  This is difficult for me and mommy...She is brave!! 

I will post more later...


July 11, 2010

Day 2 of round 3

I am keeping mommy and daddy busy up here at the hospital.  They call me Princess Halie and King Daddy pulls me around in the wagon.  Queen Mommy gets to push my IV pole ...doesn't that sound like a lot of fun!?!?!?  So far I am doing pretty good.  My brothers and sister are vacationing with Nana for a few days but don't worry about my doggies at home...we have a pet sitter taking care of them!! 

Anyway...pray that my kidneys and bladder are protected from this chemo medication.  Thanks for the prayers!!