March 11, 2011

A big howdy to ya'll!!!

I have been having soooo much fun at the house with my family I almost forgot to update everyone!  Here is what is a fun day ..please pray for me!!!  I can't eat anything until the doctors change out my central line.  Yes, you heard me central line has to be replaced today.  Just found out yesterday during my clinic visit.  God is so good to get things worked out for this to be done.  I am getting worked into the schedule...that is the difficult thing...waiting...but it will be done today!!  I will be admitted again on Sunday to begin the ch14.18 on Monday.  Daddy and mommy are with me while we wait (I'm hungry....grr...!!) for my turn for surgery.  I like that!!!!  I mean the mommy daddy thing :)    Anyway...Please pray this goes smoothly and I get to go home today!  Please pray for strength for mommy and daddy whole family!  OK  gotta jet for now...I hope they call us back soon!