June 26, 2010

Please Pray

I am in a room -yeah.  My brother, Kyle, stayed with me and mommy last night.  We had fun and played.  Well my Nana and Aleks wanted to stay with me too, so Mommy and daddy took Kyle home around 8 pm.  (No parents-and Nana spoils me!!)  Well, on the way home Kyle got sick.  

My immune system is 0, so this is not good. Please pray that God will keep these germs away from me.  If it is a bacterial infection, I am on antibiotics, but if it is viral I will rely on my God to protect me!  Please pray for family so they will not get sick.  Please pray for Kyle that he will feel better soon.  Please pray for wisdom and rest for mom and dad.

June 24, 2010

here's some good news

I am in ICU but just until they get a oncology room ready for me.  My vital organs are fine!  Here is what is puzzling...I still have a fever.  Pray they would find out what is causing that fast!  God is good!

I'll be staying

Back in ICU... looks like a couple more days of fluid and R+R.

My heart rate is too high...

I am at the hospital and my heart rate is between 141 - 148 but it needs to go under 140 beats per minute.  I am on my second bag of fluids to hydrate me but if they need to do 3 then I will have to stay here at the hospital. 

Pray for my heart rate to go down and for my body to stay hydrated.  
Pray that I will not have to be admitted to the ICU. 

Thank you again for your prayers!

I'm not feeling good today

Daddy and Mommy are taking me to the hospital today.  I was throwing up (yuck) last night and my temperature it spiking today.  This is around the time I should begin to feel bad but please pray for wisdom for the nurses this morning to know the best way to take care of me.  If I need to be admitted to the hospital or if I can just go to the clinic for a transfusion and go home.  Please pray for my family too.  They don't like seeing me feel bad and they need the peace and comfort only Jesus can give!!!  I'll let you know more later today! 

June 23, 2010

Nana is making pretty headbands for me!

I can't wait to show them to you.  I love my PINK one!!


I have finished round 2 and have done remarkaby well.  My counts will begin to go down over the next few days and I have lost weight of course. Please pray for my appetite to increase you know I am a FIGHTER overall. I do need your prayers even more as I claim more ground over this disease.  Thanks to all and I am enjoying my days at home with my family!  Mommy has taken walks with my sister and brothers.  They need special time with mommy too.  I love my family!!!

June 22, 2010

I am home!

Yeah I am back home.  My immune numbers went from 1100 last Thursday to 2600 even after 2 days of chemo.  Isn't God awesome!!  The doctors said I am doing well and need to make sure I drink plenty of fluids so I won't become dehydrated. They did say it looks like I am flushing the chemo out quickly!

Gotta go play-

June 21, 2010

Blood donation number

There have been ALOT of people wanting to donate blood in recognition of me.  WOW, I can't thank you enough.  You all have been so wonderful to me and my family.  God is so wonderful to give us all these wonderful people that want to help and support us.  I am just overwhelmed.

Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center has scheduled  a “Group To Center Drive."  This means any of you whether friends, family, co-workers of my daddy, neighbors and anyone who wishes to provide the “gift of life” in my honor may visit any of our neighborhood donor centers and donate using the following group code:

 V960FS03 and my name Halie Pigott

Isn't that cool too.  They said because there have been so many that want to help they have set this up in my name!!  Please know when going to one of the Neighborhood Donor Centers, please make sure you give the above information to be able to have the units count toward this drive. It starts Tuesday, June 15th and continues through Tuesday June 29th.  For locations, you can look online at http://www.giveblood.org/.
I even think my daddy's work is having a blood drive too!!

Day 3 and planning on going home!!

Hello everyone!! I came in on Saturday and plan on going home this evening!! Isn't that great!! I am up playing and happy. I am not hungry this morning but they gave me some anti nausea medicine so I would have an appetite.  What an appetite I had yesterday- I wanted steak, potatoes and a salad.  My daddy made sure I got it.

Oh-a fun thing happen on my Facebook account yesterday. Faith Hill (McGraw) sent me a short message. Isn't that cool !?!  Since it was Father's Day weekend some volunteer groups had a picnic set up upstairs with face painting and balloons and food.  That was so cool.  I had Mickey Mouse painted on my face.  Texas Children's is such a great hospital.  They take such good care of me and try to make it as fun as possible.

Thanks again for all your help, support and prayers.  We have been blessed beyond belief by all of your support and encouragement.