July 2, 2010


I get to go home TODAY!!!!!!  Thank you for praying for me!!!

The doctors said my levels are increasing, doubling from where they were!  I will get a platelet transfusion later today, just as a precaution to help my body continue to get better.  After that....HOME!!!!!!

My test went well today.  The doctor put me to sleep for the test and after the test was done, I woke up right away....and hungry!!!  This was much better than the last time they gave me anestheia.  We won't know the results of this test until next week.  The doctors are encouraged with not being able to feel the tumors in my body and believe the tests for next week will be positive.   PRAY!!!!!! 

Thank You God for Your work in my life!!!

June 30, 2010

Levels are dropping

Yesterday was so much fun!  I was IV free and able to jump, run and enjoy the freedom!  Thank you Lord for giving that to me!!

Today my blood levels are going down.  Jesus....please help my body!  Cause the cells in my body to produce what is needed.  Please cause my friends to think of me often today and pray ... pray for my blood levels to turn around and increase.  Please pray I won't need the transfusion (both blood and platelets) today.  Most of all .... continue to teach us to fall on You as You carry us through these difficult days.  God, You are good...help us see Your goodness.

June 29, 2010

I am freeeeee... from the IV

I am so excited.. I am jumping on my bed and running around my room singing... "I am free.. I am really free."  (over and over and over!!)   This morning I flashed my baby blue eyes and gave the doctors my word that I would continue to drink and eat plenty of popsicles.  So the nurses disconnected my IV around 2pm and will come back at 9pm to connect me back up.   Until then I will just be thankful and sing my songs.  My mommy took a picture of me singing and being so happy.  She said she is going to try to post it today!! 

Please pray that my ANC count to recover and go up so she can go home, it is still 0. But God can change that. Thanks for your prayers! 

June 28, 2010

Lookin' good

There is a marker in my blood the doctors look for to be able to determine when I'm on the mend...today they see it!!!!  So soon they will see my amc level increase and then after that...HOME!!!!  Praise the Lord!  He is healing me little by little.  Thank you for all your prayers and please keep praying for me.  Pray my levels continue to increase and that I won't need the blood transfusion.  Pray I continue to drink and eat so I keep my energy up and my body has what it needs to heal.  :)

June 27, 2010

Quiet day

Nana had to go back home today...:(... Mommy and Daddy came back to stay with me :).  Kyle hasn't been sick since last night but he says he just doesn't feel all the way better.  He hasn't had a fever!!! Praise God!!  The doctors seem to think all will be ok.  My sister and brothers went to stay with Noni...I hope they have fun! 

I really don't have an immune system right now.  My count is 0...but the good news is my platelets and my hemoglobin are ok.  That is good because it means I don't need a blood transfusion.  Pray my "anc"(immune system) count goes up!!!  When it does...I get to go HOME!!!

Please pray for my mommy and daddy...I know this is very hard for them and they are doing such a good job taking care of me!!!   Pray for my grand parents too.  They have been helping out TONS with my family!  Also pray for my doggies.  I know they miss the whole family too...Alright...it's nite nite time....zzzzzzzz

Psalm 4:8   In peace I will both lie down and sleep ... for You alone, O Lord, cause me to dwell in safety.