December 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Jesus

I hope everyone is having a Merry Christmas.    It was an early morning as my brothers, sister and I could not wait to see what was waiting under the tree.  I got a barbie jeep :)  It is so much fun but a little too cold outside for me today.  Feeling like Christmas though.  Hot cocoa maybe a fire....  uhmmmm. So, I have been playing with my barbie airplane and barbie car.  So fun.  I am mostly so thankful to be home for the holidays.  It is the greatest.  I  wanted to update all of my family and friends about what is going on at my house.  So here goes.....  I got 2 weeks off from clinic  Thank you Jesus.  I have been transfusion free since I was released from the Bone Marrow Transplant floor.  My counts have been slowly recovering on their own.  Hemoglobin (Red Blood)  over 9.2 and Platelets 130 also, my ANC is a whoppin 2800.  What a gift the Lord has given me.  Healthwise I look great.  My weight is up to 40 pounds.  I have been running and playing and having a normal holiday.  (which is why I have not posted lately)  I am doing so great Mommy and Daddy got to go out on a date night and we stayed with Nana and Papa Pat last weekend. I am having such a wonderful holiday being home.   Tuesday I start my scans...  GFR  which test my Kidney function.  The rest of the scans are coming up after Jan 1st.  I will post them soon.  Please keep me in your prayers we need No Evidence of Disease to qualify for Immunotherapy.  The rest of my family likes having me home.  I think my big brother is out in the back shooting paintballs at my daddy.  They look like they are having a blast.  Kyle is enjoying his new outdoor ride F150 Truck and Chloe has been riding her cool new bike all afternoon.  I think we are all about to take a break and watch a Christmas movie, light a fire and have cookies and I have to go but have a Merry Christmas I love you all.  OH!  If my sweet friends from Methodist are reading.  Your kindness really blest us.  We love the gifts.  Thank You!!!  We are truly overwhelmed by your thoughfulness. God bless you all and enjoy Christ's Birth.

December 6, 2010

Sugar Plum Fairy???? Prince???? Flower Fairy????

WHAT??!?!?!   Can you believe some members of the Nutcracker Ballet were at the hospital today????  Me either!!!!!!  They asked if they could color with me and visit...."Oh YES!" I said.   How cool.  God has given me such a happy day.  He made clinic go by SOOO fast.  I was too thrilled to care how long I stayed or what the doctors wanted from me!  By the way....I have two whole weeks completely OFF!!!!  Praise the Lord!!!!

December 4, 2010

A quick note from Mommy...I love her :)

Good morning friends,
I was online this morning ordering our cookbook through Lunch for a Cure and wanted to share the info with you. The website is  It is a cookbook that was created by neuroblastoma families and all of the proceeds go towards Neuroblastoma research.  Halie submitted a few recipes for the cookbook. This year the focus is on the new immunotherapy clinical trial chapter 14.18.  This is a clinical trial that Halie will, Lord willing, be a part of early January.  It is only available right now for children who have NED (No Evidence of Disease) at the initial scans after transplant.  Halie was NED going into transplant and will rescan in the next few weeks to find out if she qualifies.  Stage IV Neuroblastoma has a high relapse rate and this new clinical trial has proven to raise survival rate 20 percent which gives her a 66 survival rate over the next two years. She will be scanned for 5 years but the trial was so effective they stopped the clinical trial early to open it up to more patients. We have prayerfully considered whether this is the right thing to do as the process involves 7 additional hospitalizations and is incredibly painful for Halie and information is not available for the benefits for past two years.  Please take the time to read on this trial.  My prayer is that is that our friends and families would support this cause.  With Christmas coming up what better way to show love to others than giving the gift of hope.  John Piper wrote an article titled, God Wills Disease Why Should We Try to Eradicate It? In the article he states when Paul taught that the creation was subjected to futility (Romans 8:20) he also taught that this subjection was "in hope that the creation itself will be set free from it's bondage to decay and obtain the freedom of the glory of the children of God  (verse 21.)  There is no reason that Christians should not embrace this futility lifting calling now.  God will complete it in the age to come.  But it is a good thing to conquer as much disease and suffering now in the name of Christ as we can.  In fact,  I would wave the banner right now and call some of you to enter vocations of research that may be the means of undoing some of the great diseases of the world.  This is not fighting against God.  God is as much in charge of the research as He is the disease.  You can be an instrument in His hand.  This may be the time appointed for the triumph that He wills to bring over the disease that He ordained.  Don't try to read the mind of God from his mysterious decrees of calamity.  Do what he says.  And what he says is: Do good to everyone". (Gal 6:10)

November 30, 2010


Delicious!!!!!  Hot chocolate tastes better when it is cold outside!! I ate sooo much on Thanksgiving and we played and played....what a FUN holiday!  Things have been going pretty good for me.  My tests they ran the other day...all good.  I don't walk funny any more.  Don't know why I did...guess I just needed a little strength after being in bed for such a long time. 

My mommy has done such a great job decorating for Christmas.  It looks like a winter wonderland inside.  Daddy is going to put up a bunch of lights and the back porch is going to look magical.  I can't wait until he is done.  Maybe I'll just sleep outside....hee-hee...just kidding!!!!

Please keep me in your prayers...I will have several more tests coming up.  Pray everyone stays well and Nana and paw-paw Pat stay healthy so I can see them!  I wanna give them BIG hugs!!! 

Merry Christmas!

November 23, 2010

I have been having a really good time since coming home.  I am so grateful that I am just 3 while I am going through this very difficult season in my life.  Mom and dad tell me what is going to happen and call it all good.  I am going to the hospital in the morning...I have been walking a little weird since I've been home.  At first the nurse said she wasn't too concerned, after all I had been in bed for a month...but now the doctors want to evaluate me.  I may have a CT or MRI scan done.  Won't know until the evaluation...please pray for my mommy and daddy.  I know this is scary for them...I'm too young to know something could be wrong.  Pray that God would give them the trust and peace that He gives me through my parents.  Mommy is being brave...daddy is a rock....pray that Jesus would continue to reveal Himself to them as He walks them through.  Please pray...feel free to post a comment to let me know you're praying.

  Happy Thanksgiving!

November 22, 2010

Looking forward to Thanksgiving...and today I'm thankful :)

Mommy and I went to clinics today and I needed some blood and platelets.  It's all good though.  My ANC is climbing...Praise the Lord...Looking forward to a quiet holiday at home!!!  Well...not soooo quiet with 3 siblings in the house playing!!  Well ...  off I go...good night!   xxxoooxox

November 19, 2010

How I love being home!

I cannot believe it has been over a 10 days at home already!!!!  Times flies when you are having FUN!!!  I've been to the hospital for check ups and the doctors say I am doing good!  Praise the Lord!!  God keeps restoring my body and I am eating alot.  That is really good!  I'll have my next scan in mid-December...please remember to pray for that scan.  They will look at the small spot on my lung to make sure it is still nothing (I pray!)

OK..gotta run...need to try and catch up on my play time!!!!!


November 8, 2010

PTL!!!! I'm free to go home!!!!!

Hooray!!!   I go home today!!!!  My own sister and brothers,  ALL my toys, sleeping in my own bed(well....maybe mommy and daddy's bed)  AAHHHHH!!  

In the middle of all the excitement and joy....I am still in isolation, BUT isolation at my house is FAR better than the hospital!!  Pray my counts keep going up and that my family stays well!!  We are on neutropenic precautions for at least 6 weeks.  I wanted to say thank you to the kind people who came to clean my house for us today...Mommy is delighted to just be able to come home and not have to clean like a mad woman!! 

More later....I have got some playing to catch up on!


November 7, 2010


I can hardly believe it!!!  Please pray my counts continue to go up...if they do...I get to GO HOME tomorrow!!!!  Can you believe it?!?!?  Praise the Lord!!  This treatment has been sooo long and exhausting for me...actually...mommy daddy, Aleks, Chloe, Kyle, Noni and Paw pa... Nana and Grandpa Pat too.  Everyone has been praying for me and worrying for me as well...  that, in itself, is exhausting.  Maybe that's why God says not to worry. 

Anyway...with that in are several prayer requests:
Pray my entire family stays well.  God protects all of us from colds and viruses!
Pray for us as we go home to try and figure out what our new "normal" life is like.  Pray that I continue to want to eat and that the food tastes GOOD!!!  Pray my counts continue to increase.  Pray for this spot on my lung....we have to wait 6 weeks for my next scan to look at it again.  Pray for Mommy and Daddy and all the decisions they have to make for my continued treatment.  Pray God's PEACE and COMFORT surrounds their hearts and God's love completely saturates them.  Pray the waterfall of grace just flows and flows for my family!!  We are in need of God's help and hope! 

OK...I think that is about it.  I need to get rest for my big day tomorrow....Lord willing...I am homeward bound:)))))))

November 4, 2010

Getting an appetite

YES!!!  A strawberry milkshake sounds!!  That sounds good too!   I want it all!!!!

Pray the Lord continues to heal me and restore my appetite! 

Daddy's update ~

Thanks for all your prayers and support. Halie is doing great!
Last week was pretty rough as she ran a pretty high fever all week up to 105 and she had really bad sores in her mouth and throat. it was miserable, but they told us it would be. Starting last Thursday, a week after transplant, the fever went away and she has been looking better and better each day. Yesterday she was practically her normal self and played with her "My Littlest Pet Shop Toys" all day long. They are planning to let her to come home Monday which will be 1 week earlier than most patients.

The only thing left for her to do is start eating. She has been on intravenous feeding for the last two weeks and she doesn't have her appetite back yet.

As far as the remaining request for prayers they did a CT scan a couple days ago. A small 1 mm spot showed up in one of her lungs. The doctors are not concerned right now and say it is something that will just need to be monitored. It is too small to even biopsy, but as a parent it is going to be a long 6 weeks before the next set of scans.

Thanks again for all your prayers and support.

Also, I'm not too good at updating these days.  My wife Jennifer did an update herself yesterday which was great. Just scroll down and read!!  There are also a few recent pictures we took during the transplant process. She looks cute as always.


November 2, 2010

A note from Mommy!

My heart is too overwhelmed to say much today.  Halie is doing well  and getting stronger everyday.  Watching her battle for her life these past 6 months has taught me more about my Savior than any sermon I have ever listened to or book that I have ever read.  He is more trustworthy than I ever imagined and kinder than my mind can comprehend.  That may sound strange in the midst of this particular Valley but psalm 23 rings true in my heart and I rest in the knowledge that He alone is our shepherd and our only hope.    I have a poem and a song I want to share with you all today but before I do I want to leave you with a verse penned by John Piper.  I read in my quiet time today about his Sovereign Grace and wanted to share this one thought...."Not grace to bar what is not bliss, nor flight from all distress, but this: The grace that orders our trouble and pain, And then, in darkness, is there to sustain...."  May He sustain you in your journey......

In honor of our warrior

The Warrior by Terra (Leukemia survivor) written when she was in 8th grade following her diagnosis

The Warrior is a Child

Gazing in the mirror
I see a warrior's face.
Fully clothed in armor,
No fear and no disgrace.

A tear it never offers,
A smile it always gives,
No sadness does it show,
But what life it lives.

Needles going in
As blood is taken out,
But still no sign of pain,
No cries to make you doubt.

Each day you see this person,
And think that they're so brave,
Each day you see us laughing,
The tears are ours to save.

So when you see our armor,
And think we're calm and mild,
Remember this one thing,
The warrior is a child.

- Terra Phillips

This warrior is a child by Twila Paris

Lately I've been winning battles left and right
But even winners can get wounded in the fight
People say that I'm amazing
Strong beyond my years
But they don't see inside of me
I'm hiding all the tears

They don't know that I go running home when I fall down
They don't know who picks me up when no one is around
I drop my sword and cry for just a while
'Cause deep inside this armor
The warrior is a child

Unafraid because His armor is the best
But even soldiers need a quiet place to rest
People say that I'm amazing
Never face retreat
But they don't see the enemies
That lay me at His feet

They don't know that I go running home when I fall down
They don't know who picks me up when no one is around
I drop my sword and and cry for just a while
'Cause deep inside this armor
the warrior is a child

They don't know that I go running home when I fall down
They don't know who picks me up when no one is around
I drop my sword and look up for a smile
'Cause deep inside this armor
Deep inside this armor
Deep inside this armor
The Warrior is a Child

October 30, 2010


Hey!  I am really tired and my body is trying to recover.  I have to say it has been really tough the past few fever got really high and the doctors brought cooling blankets for me but the good news is now my temperature is pretty much normal!!  PRAISE THE LORD!!!  There have been a few other little bumps in the road but the Lord has worked them out as well!  Please keep praying for my body to recover.  I still have a loooong road ahead! 

Just wondering if anyone has checked out my links yet.  They are really cool.  There will be a bake sale soon at the hospital to benefit CNCF.  I can't wait to see all the goodies!  Time for more rest.  Thank you and please continue to pray for me!

PS Thank you Lord for giving mommy and daddy's friend, Danny Parrott, a new liver!


October 28, 2010

The fighting cells are coming back!!!!!!!!!!!

PRAISE THE LORD my ANC is 70!!  I know this doesn't sound like much...but...little IS much when God is in it!!!!!!  Other exciting doctors gave me steroids last night to boost my body and take over where my adrenal glands used to work (remember, they removed them.)   Well... my fever went down to 99...praise the Lord!  I haven't had any tylenol since last night and my temperature is still at 99...praise the Lord!!!!  I still feel pretty yuckie but the good news is my fighting cells are coming back and SOON these sores will heal!!

OK...I am going to rest now...and just offer praise to the Lord...

Please continue to pray and thanks for praying!!

October 27, 2010

Lord...please break this fever!

Join with me praying for this fever to GO AWAY!!!! 

xxxxooxoxoxoxoooxxoooxox   thanks  :)

I feel like Job....

How long will this last...I will wait on You and You will give me strength!!  Even though I don't feel good I wanted to add links to my blog.  They are located in the right column just above the picture of mommy and me.  These sites have tons of information about my cancer.  Take a look! 

Now back to resting.

October 26, 2010

No wind in my sail

Hey...I am feeling really yuckie.  This is absolutely NO fun and my fever won't break.  Please pray the Lord would make my fever go down ~ away!  I sleep alot which my body needs...pray all my vital organs stay healthy.  The doctors say my kidneys are doing great...Please pray this new medication works!!! This is really, really difficult!!

October 25, 2010

Daddy's message...

Just wanted to give everyone a quick update. When we checked into the hospital we started with 4 days x 24 hrs a day of straight chemotherapy. That part of the procedure went well. Last Wednesday Halie received her cells back and was doing great. Starting Friday she developed a fever of 103. This isn't great because it could be a virus or infection and she has no immune system to fight it. On top of that she has developed the mouth and throat soars and generally feels terrible. The fever has been at 103 for three days now, but measured 100 this morning for the first time, so hopefully the fever has broken. Please continue to keep Halie in your prayers.
On a positive note we have really experienced some genuine hospitality from some non-profit organizations.
His Grace - had a big basket of snacks, some toys for Halie and brought us a big meal on the day of transplant. They will also give families a $25 shopping credit and will go to the store for them once a week.
Deck My Room - came in Thursday and decked out the hospital room with pink blankets, pink pillows, put butterfly stickers all over the room and brought two huge bags full of toys for her to play with.
APC Fishing Tournament - gave us a big check that will really help with all the extra expenses that mount with a five week hospital stay.
We have been very blessed by our friends, co-workers and complete strangers through this difficult process. If you are have a little extra jingle in your pocket and want to use it to make a real difference in a child's life, please consider supporting one of these groups.
The Pigott's

October 24, 2010

Pain, pain...go away!!!!

This post isn't for the faint hearted!  I have sores all through my mouth and throat, stomach and intestinal tract.  It is awful.  The good news is the pain medication works pretty well.  I still vomit and feel pretty yuckie though.  Mommy and daddy are troopers.  They comfort me and do the best they can to help me.   Pray for continued strength as God works moment by moment in my life and my mommy and daddy's.  He is carrying us through, Praise the Lord, please make the healing and feeling better come soon!!!  Thank you to everyone praying for us.  This is soooo very hard for us!


October 22, 2010

Mommy's post from facebook

Ok Mucusititis has started! Right now it is effecting her gums. Probably the cause of the fever but cannot say for sure. Will progressively get worse over the next few days. We are starting the morphine later today. Please! Please pray for Gods protection over her airways. That it will be a mild case.

Please pray for my mommy and daddy as they help and comfort me through these difficult days.  Thank you!!

Even in the deep valley, HE is there.

I had a looong, rough night.  My fever went up to did break for a short time ... down to 99.0 and this morning it is back up to 103.5.  The nurses aren't too alarmed and they say it is "normal."  The doctors have cultures going to find out the source of the infection.  They have changed my antibiotics as well.  Pray it is NOT my central line, pray the fever breaks, pray we all get some rest today.  Please pray for mommy and daddy...even though this is "normal" I am sure it is still difficult for mom and dad. 

Today is my sisters birthday.  Please pray for her as well.  We already had a family birthday party for her before I came to the hospital.  Pray she feels special today

  His mercies are new every morning!

October 21, 2010

"facebook" message from Noni

Terry Seefluth Halie was feeling pretty yucky after the transplant yesterday - vomiting, diarrhea(sp?) mouth sores, the shakes. I know the docs said it would be bad, but we were hoping they were wrong on this one. PRAY for her, please!

October 20, 2010

Today is the big day!

Just resting this morning. Today is my big day. I get my stem cells back. Just pray that I don't have a reaction to the chemicals they store them in and that no cancer cells were harvested when they took the stem cells. Felt great yesterday afternoon.

My ANC went down to 200 today...tomorrow I think it will be zero.  Please keep praying for me and my family!

Thank you!

October 19, 2010

Afternoon rest and as good as new!

Hanging at the hospital watching the new Disney movie 'Oceans'. Was feeling pretty run down today and tired. Had a good rest this afternoon, now I'm feeling like normal again. Dad took this picture of me and mom while I was watching the movie.

Starting to feel it

Hey everyone...

My ANC went from 1800 last night to 700 today.  This sounds crazy but please pray my ANC goes to zero by tomorrow...the transplant day.  The doctors say it is best for me to be at no immune system when I get my stem please pray!  I feel yucky right now...I have been throwing up and feeling sleepy.  This is normal but not a "normal" I like.  God has been very good to me ... this is my first day I really don't feel like playing.  Some kids don't feel like playing on their first day of this I have had 6 days to play...woo hoo!!

More later... 

October 18, 2010

No wonder mom likes coffee....caffeine!!!!!

Just resting. Chemo has been running 24 hrs. a day since I checked in. Last night was my last night of chemo. Hopefully done with it forever. Had my first drink of Dr. Pepper last night. Mom and dad never let me drink soda. I stole dad's whole 32 oz. drink. Stayed up to 3:30 am buzzed on caffeine. Watch Pocohontas, Beauty and the Beast and play on the iPad. Mom went and bought caffeine free Dr. Pepper today.

October 17, 2010

Chemo ends tonight

My body has been doing pretty good with the chemo.  Boy this stuff is yuckie!  I feel pretty good when the doctors give me anti-nausea medication and the pain medication.  I am able to play and giggle...but then I get very sleepy and take a nap.  Sleep is good for me, at least that is what mommy says!  Please pray for my brothers and sister while mommy and daddy are here with me.  Nana and pa-pa Pat  are with them which is really good.  I know they are alot of fun!!  Pray for continued protection for my body...once I am done with chemo tonight I will get a couple days of "rest."  This will give my body time to eliminate the chemo medication.  Then I get my stem cells.  Thank you for praying for my family and me!

Time to play....     xoxoxooxx

October 15, 2010

Praise the far I'm feeling pretty good!

Just a quick update...I feel pretty good.  Please keep praying.  Pray my organs are protected from this medication, my blood pressure stays in a good range, I don't lose too much weight and God continues to heal me!


October 14, 2010


Reported to Texas Children's Hospital for a stem cell transplant. Going to be at the hospital 5 weeks. This procedure is very tough and painful. Please be praying for me. 1 day down 34 to go.

October 12, 2010

Alrightie....this is a message from daddy

This is a big message from has lots of information about my procedure...pray for me ...PLEASE!!!!

Hey all. We have a big couple of months coming up so it is a good time for and update.

Tomorrow we report to Texas Children's Hospital for the stem cell transplant. From what I have been told this is a really tough procedure. It starts with some very strong chemotherapy that is designed to knock out any of the remaining cancer cells. In the past most of the chemotherapy has been 1-3 hour treatments. Some of the drugs this time will run for up to 22 hours. Chemotherapy works by killing cells that reproduce rapidly, which is why people lose their hair when they go through treatment. This round of chemo is so aggressive that it attacks other cells like your stomach lining and bone marrow. The unfortunate result is that she will end up with bleeding sours in her stomach, throat and mouth. Another complication is a complete loss of appetite and weight loss is a real struggle. Also he bones will ache from the killing of the bone marrow. They expect her to be hooked up to a morphine pump to help with the pain for almost 2 weeks. The hospital stay will be 30 straight days with 60 additional days of recovery at home. That is the bad news. The good news is that we were able to harvest her own stem cells for the transplant a few months ago. Since she is receiving her own cells back, there is little chance of rejection and gives her an advantage in this process.

Please be praying for Halie that the side effects from these treatments will be minimal and that she will recover quickly from the transplant. Also be praying for Jennifer and myself as we will be in isolation as a result of this procedure. The chemo kills the immune system, so coming into contact with any sort of virus can be life threatening. I'll be at the hospital for 2 weeks and Jennifer will be there 30 days at a minimum. Flu season is coming up so we will only have a limited interaction with the kids to prevent spreading something to Halie. This will be a tough month for everyone, but we will make it some how.

When I look back over the last 6 months I am reminded of an ancient people. A people on whom the Egyptian army was bearing down from behind. A people had nothing but the sea in front of them with no hope of getting to the other side. A people who could not turn back and could not go forward, but God made a way. A pillar of fire came down from heaven and blocked the armies from behind, while the seas parted ahead of them making a way to escape.

God has also made a way for Halie. We started this situation with Stage 4 cancer and hope, but not necessarily confidence of making it through this difficult situation. For us the seas have parted and we just need to take a few steps forward in faith that we will make it to the other side.

Thanks again for all your help and support. Our church, friends and the Anadarko family have been a true blessing though this difficult time.

October 11, 2010

Just a tiny delay

Hey...sorry I haven't been able to get to a computer for a few days.  My transplant has been post-poned for a few days.  I am scheduled for this Wednesday...the 13th.  More later...


October 7, 2010

Phase 2 ....DONE!!!!

Finally....a day where mommy and I don't need to get up and go to radiation.  I am done with that and tomorrow....Stem Cell Transplant...

Please remember us in prayer...
  • today for a good day being with my family
  • tomorrow for the beginning of the hardest phase of treatment!
  • that all of my family remain under God's waterfall of grace!
More later...


October 5, 2010

Praise, praise, praise the Lord!

My ANC is up!!!!  It is over 3800....WOOHOO!!  Things are looking good for Friday....pray, pray, pray!


October 1, 2010

I'm proud of my big brother

Aleks did just fine today with his surgery.  He sure didn't like not being able to eat or drink until after his surgery.  Now he kinda understands what I get to do every day during radiation...I was just wondering why he didn't get a central line too.  Oh well...Praise the Lord!  Aleks is home resting...thank you for praying for him...please continue to pray for my ANC level.  Thanks!

September 30, 2010

Yet another call for prayer warriors...

Jesus...I need help.  My ANC is going down and that isn't good when I need to qualify for the Stem Cell Transplant, but You already know that.  I know that You are the Great Physician and are able to heal me in an instant.  I know that You have a plan and purpose for where you are taking me.  Please cause my body to recover from what ever is making my ANC to go down.  Help me.  Please comfort and encourage our hearts.  Praise You Jesus! 

Wow...8 days of radiation done!!

Here we are 8 days down and just 4 more to go.  Things are ok for the most part with the radiation.  I still don't like getting up so early and not being able to eat or drink...but this phase is almost over.  Next week I am scheduled to begin Stem Cell Transplant.  I get admitted on October 8th.  I am glad they save this one until last because it is going to be REALLY tough!!!!!!   Pray that God would continue His healing work in my body and He continues to protect all my vital organs.  Pray for His strength to endure this treatment and for Mommy and Daddy as they walk through this with me.  It will be HARD!

Other news...Aleks goes in tomorrow for surgery.  He needs his adenoids out.  He is a bit frightened...I told him I sure understand...but God will help him just like He does for me!!  Chloe needs a tooth extracted...Praise God it is only a tooth...but everything needs to be done before I go into the hospital next week.  CRAZY!!  Mommy needs much prayer support.  She has a TON of pressures for this next week but GOD is bigger than that TON!!!!  He is sustaining her and she praises His Name for the blessing!!  Praise the Lord!  OK...gotta jet...My Littlest Pony's are waiting on me to play!

September 26, 2010

4 days of radiation ... done

I am 1/3 of the way through my radiation treatment.  The hardest part of this phase is getting up VERY early, no eating or drinking be fore my treatment, and then waking up from the anesthesia.  Sometimes I am really cranky but other times I am just as happy as can be!  Mommy gets a bit tired too...she gets up earlier than me and I am sure she goes to sleep much later in the evening than I do as well.  She ROCKS!!

Please pray for my body to handle the radiation well.  So far it is ok but the effects accumulate. Please, please remember my stem cell transplant and begin praying for protection, comfort  and strength for that "fight."  If things continue on schedule I could be in there the latter part of the first week of October.  Thank you for your prayers!!!

September 18, 2010

Note from Mommy to all

Here is what the Lord gave me.  May He bless you as He blessed me.

2 Corinthians 1:8-11
For we do not want you to be unaware, brethren, of our affliction which came to us in Asia, that we were burdened excessively, beyond our strength, so that we despaired even of life;
indeed, we had the sentence of death within ourselves in order that we should not trust in ourselves, but in God who raises the dead;
who delivered us from so great a peril of death, and will deliver us, He on whom we have set our hope.  And He will yet deliver us,
you also joining in helping us through your prayers, that thanks may be given by many persons on our behalf for the favor bestowed upon us through the prayers of many.

Thank you for your prayers....He on whom we have set our hope is mighty to answer in ways that passes our understanding for HIS purposes!!!  Praise Jesus!!!

September 17, 2010

We received some news today!

Well...we got some really great news today yet in that great news is the reality that I am still a cancer patient.

The MIBG scan came back negative for active cancer tumor masses in my body....this is truly a miracle...a splendid gift from our magnificent God!!!!

Now we move on to the radiation treatment.  Please pray that I stay healthy ... pray that there are NO delays in my treatment.  Pray my body responds well to the radiation and any and ALL stray cancer cells are annihilated!!!!! 

Bless the Lord o my soul!!!


I am SOOO tired from this looooong week of testing!!!!!!!
Praise the Lord it is Friday and I am pretty much done for now.  I am headed down to Childrens...(hum...something new...hee -hee)  anyway, we are getting the results of the MIBG scan that was done this week and doing the radiation simulation today.  I can't wait for Saturday morning!!  Why?  you say...because I can eat breakfast at the normal time just like everyone else!!!!!  All week I had to fast before the tests.  UGH!!  But I am thankful it is over and that God helped me through it ALL!!

Pray for us as we hear the results....pray that the scan shows NO cancer anywhere!!!!  Pray that there aren't ANY stray cancer cells in my body.  Ask God for wisdom for the doctors treating me to know the best course to remission!!

Pray for mommy and daddy...ya'll know my daddy is "tuff as nails" but his heart hurts for me too...remember him.  More later!

September 13, 2010


Guess what?!?!? I am at day 12 from my last round of Chemo and usually we are in the hospital with "issues"  and a low ANC...Praise my ANC is 4000!!!!!!!!!  I am in the hospital but for testing....have you ever felt like a pin cushion????  Well, if I didn't have my central line...that would be ME...again...praise the Lord they can get all the blood they need through my line.  We are in the middle of  a LONG day of tests.  When we get the results we will pass it on!

September 9, 2010

One down....

Praise the Lord...I was very still as they did the scan and now we just have to wait for results to come back in the next week or so!  Thank you Jesus!!!

September 8, 2010

mommy and daddy's update

I asked mommy to write the update for it is:


This Thursday, tomorrow, Halie will start her week of tests. She will have her CT scan on her neck.. This will show if there is a need for surgery on her neck which the surgeon is hoping will not be needed since it is a delicate area.

Monday, 13th will be tests on her heart, kidney and hearing to see if there has been any damage and for dosage amounts come stem cell treatment. This determines what amount of dosage will be used. The doctors want to use maximum dosage, so if there is damage to the heart or kidney then they will need to use a smaller dosage.

Tuesday,14th will be bone scans. There was originally 6/4 and by end of chemo round #2 there was only 1 left. So our prayer of course would be that there are no tumors. But in all- we want the doctors to be able to see if there is anything there.

16th-there will be a scan on Halie's chest, abdomen and pelvic. She has already had surgery on her abdomen and all was removed, but this scan will show if any cancer started to grow in the abdomen area. Of course, our prayer would be no.

Prayer also that the stem cells that were harvested and will be placed back into Halie are cancer free.

Wisdom for mom and dad, because God has given Halie grace and is acting great, but when they went back to the clinic yesterday her hemoglobin was 6 which is extrememely low and Halie needed a blood transfusion.
Ok there you have it.  Please just pray, pray, PRAY!!!!
Thank You ...everyone!!! 

September 3, 2010

Good day today!

How can I keep from praising His I went to my clinic time.  Guess what?!?!!?  My ANC is over 3,000 (WOW) and all my blood levels are good!!!  I am hydrated and NO fever!!!!  This was a fun day for me...just me and daddy :)

Looks like we will have a great weekend at home!  Everyone enjoy your families and have fun....I know I will!

September 1, 2010

Homeward bound

I am going home this evening  :)  Mommy will make sure I get plenty to drink and my antibiotics.  She is becoming a great nurse  :)  Thank you for your prayers and please don't stop!  Pray I won't need to go back to the hospital before clinic time and that I don't get a fever.  God IS good!

August 31, 2010

love note from mommy.....

Praise God that His mercies are new every morning. First morning after chemo ( a round that was supposed to make her very sick to her tummy). She is playing and eating! Having a fun day with me! Only God can bring such peace and joy during a storm....

First course done ...

Praise the problems with this first chemo treatment.  I woke up hungry and happy.  God is doing such mighty a work in me!!!!  Mommy and I are just chillin' today and tonight...more meds.  Please continue to pray for the treatment...God is answering your prayers.  Praise Him!!

August 30, 2010

Calling all prayer warriors!!!

Good morning friends!!  Today I am headed down to Children's for my 5th round of chemo.  Please pray I qualify for the treatment and that it goes smoothly.  Pray for wisdom for the doctors and nurses that will be treating me.  Pray for my family as well...pray they have a great week of school and they stay well!!  Thank you :)

August 27, 2010

Message from my Daddy :) (I LOVE HIM!!!)

Been a while since I sent an update. That is a good thing. She experienced some pretty tough pain following the surgery, but after 4 days she was back to her normal self. She ended up recovering so well they went ahead with the 4th round of chemo. Following that we had a decent 21 days. Halie has been great as usual and is always in great mood when she isn't getting treatment. The next couple months are going to be really tough though.

Monday round 5 of chemo for 4 days

Week of the 6th another round of full body scans, hearing tests and EKG

Week of the 12th start radiation treatment for 12 days to kill any microscopic cells that were not removed with surgery

Week of the 27th Stem Cell transplant - this will be the toughest event so far. They start with a week of chemo so strong it kills the bone marrow. They say she will be completely miserable for two weeks straight. Jenn and I will both be at the hospital for ~ 2 Weeks. Jenn and Halie will be in the hospital for 30 days straight.

Hopefully by Nov. 1 we will be cancer free and start preventative maintenance.

As usual we covet your prayer during the next couple months.


August 24, 2010

Happy at home

hummmmmmm...delightful days filled with My Little Pony, Littles Pet Shop and my doll house!  Such fun.  Nurse Pigott is doing a great job with my antibiotics and I am enjoying my time with my family.  Well...just wanted to check in.  Please continue to pray the infection clears up and we stay on schedule for Monday, August 30 for my 5th round of Chemo!  Thanks to all for the yummy meals and help you are giving my family!  God sees your heart of kindness and I pray He blesses you too!!

August 22, 2010

I'm thankful!

Two cultures came back negative from the tests on my central line!!!  Praise God and we are waiting on the third.  Once we have that information I most likely will go home...hooray!!!!  Mommy (aka Nurse Pigott)  will need to hook up my meds each day but..she can do it!!!  Please pray for us...thanks!!  :)

August 21, 2010


Pray for me today! I am back in the hospital. I am feeling much better but I have a bacterial infection in my line. Please pray that the antibiotics are working and that the cultures come back negative.

If they come back negative...I get to go home!  Also, if I go home I will need to have IV antibiotics...Pray we manage this with ease!  One other chemo treatment has been put on delay(the first delay)...we have to wait until Monday, August 30th.  It is truly OK because I am still within my 28 day rotation. 
I really appreciate your prayers!  Our magnificant God is working beyond our expectations!!!  Praise Him!!!

August 18, 2010's true....

I am in the hospital for a couple of days.  My counts are low and I am running a fever.  Please pray for me!  We are hoping this will be a quick visit here and I'll be home again soon.  Pray for strength .... the Lord's strength for me, mommy and daddy!

Thank you!

I don't feel good!

My temperature has gone up today and I really think mommy is taking me to Childrens.  I have been sleeping most the day and when I woke up...I had a fever. We were praying it would go down but in fact it is going up.  Pray for me and my family.  I have really enjoyed this time at home and want to stay...but...God may have a different plan.  We have been learning alot about my plans verses Gods' plan.  But His way is the BEST way!  Pray!!  Thanks everyone!

August 16, 2010

All filled up and at home!

Praise the Lord...I went in this morning for clinic time.  They gave me some platelets and then I was able to come home!!! Thank you Lord!  Now I have had lots of time playing Littlest Pet Shop and watching my favorite movies.  :)

Thank you for your continued prayers!!!! 

August 15, 2010

Still home...praise the Lord!!

The Lord is working!!!  As of a few minutes ago my temperature has gone down to 98 degrees!!!!!  I am just resting, drinking lots of juice/water and eating lots of popcicles.  Please keep praying. 


Woke up this morning with a 99.3 fever and vomiting.  Please pray this will go away!!!  Pray for my fever to not go up and the vomiting to subside.     If it goes up ....then it is the hospital again.  Pray for us!! 

August 13, 2010

Home...nothing like it!!

I have been home all week and it has been a  blast!  Sure I'm still sore and get tired easy but I'm HOME!  The week has gone by in a snap.  Crazy!  Well, today is my clinic day.  Pray my levels are high enough to go back home....I am so enjoying my family. 

The next chemo round is scheduled for August 26.  Can you believe it??? That is sooner than expected...but good!  Once that round is completed I should be done with chemo.  Next is radiation.  More on that later!

Hugs and kisses

August 8, 2010

Long day of rest and recovery

I am all done with my round 4 of chemo.  :)  I got alot of sleep today.  My body needs the refreshing and healing time of sleep.  Praise God for sleep!!

Mommy and I will be going home tomorrow morning...the rest of the family is at home.  I can't wait to see them. My ANC is at 5000 which is really good, but I am still considered neutropenic for the next 15 days.  Thank you to the friends who went to get my house sterile for me.  I appreciate it!!  Thank you to everyone preparing meals for my is really helpful to us!  Pray that the Lord keeps me well for the next 3 weeks.  I would LOVE to stay home that long before round 5 of chemo!!  Well...time to go to sleep ...again! 

August 7, 2010

First part of round 4

My treatment began last night at 1 in the morning.  Things went well and now I am zonked!!!!  More later....I should go home Monday morning...pray I don't get a fever and my counts are high enough to go home!!  Thanks!!!

August 6, 2010

Recovery is going great!

God is so good to me.  My body is healing and I feel much better. The doctors said they want to begin my 4th round of chemo (a short round) today or tomorrow morning at the latest.  That's ok with me...lets get rid of the rest of these cancer cells!!!!

Please pray for my continued healing and protection for my vital organs as they do the chemo this weekend.  Please pray I won't have nausea...that wouldn't be good considering my surgery.  Anyway...thank you again...our awesome and powerful God is at work...blessing to all.

August 5, 2010

Thankful for the healing God is giving

Another day of rest and recovery.  Today looks much the same but we hope to get our room on the 9th floor today.  Hooray!   Once I'm there it means I will be able to have my brothers and sister spend the night with us!!  The doctors took the IV off and that is great!  I am still taking medication for the pain but I am moving around much better, but not close to "normal" yet!  I may begin chemo as early as Friday but most likely will be Monday...10 days from my surgery.  This will give my lungs even more healing time.  Pray God continues mending my body stat (do you like my hospital term??) and my lungs would clear up quickly.

Mommy and daddy are doing just fine!!  Please continue to pray for them as well and pray everyone stays well. 

August 3, 2010

Something different??? Nooo..more rest and recovery

I am tired today.  Last night the nurses came into my room alot to check on me.  The drain tube that you can see in the photo of mommy and came out last night.  They tried to put it back in (that's a story for another day) with no success.  The doctors are keeping a close eye on me due to that and I may need to get it put back in today.  I am still in quite a bit of pain.  Pray for my body to heal quickly, for the pain to ease up and comfort!  My heart rate is down again today (hooray) and no fever (double hooray!!)  Also, pray for me to have courage if they need to put the drain tube back in...I don't like it but if it is necessary...I want it!  Thank you!

August 2, 2010

Relaxing and recovering

Yes I am still in R&R mode. My fever broke today and things are looking up.  I still have trouble with the breathing exercise...(it just hurts!!)...but...I do it anyway!  Mommy and daddy are very proud of me!!  I am very proud of mommy and daddy!!  They are the BEST!!!!

Please continue to pray for us.  Pray my pain would decrease, the swelling in my abdomen would go down and the infection would go away.  Pray my lungs would clear up and I would have an easier time with the breathing exercise!

Thank you!!

August 1, 2010


Well I am still in the process of recovering.  The doctors tell mommy and daddy that it can take up to 3-10 days.  The doctors feel one of my lungs is starting to collapse, so please pray.  They got me up a few times today to sit up which will help me and make me take deeper breaths which will push the air out.  They even brought bubbles in for me to blow... but they weren't fooling me!!!  :)    Maybe tomorrow I will feel more up to it.  I really don't feel like talking much, but I do like holding mommy and daddy's hand.

Please pray for mommy and daddy, they don't like to see me like this.  But God will heal me !  He continues to work in me.  I will be back playing princess with my brother Kyle.. being my prince in no time!!!
Please continue to pray for the infection in my body to be healed, the unwanted air to move out of me, and for my body to continue to recover!

July 31, 2010

Revised Prayer request

There was an infection that the surgeon found when I was in surgery located in my lung cavity.  The doctors know the source of it and are treating it with antibiotics.  There is also air in my lung cavity, which is not supposed to be there.  I am supposed to do breathing exercises, or cry or laugh, or scream-which I do not want to do because honestly it hurts and with the medicine I am on it makes me very tired.  So please pray for the infection to be healed and for me to be willing to do what I need to do to get the air out of that area.  The doctors have scheduled an Xray at 5am tomorrow morning to see if it is better. 

Good news-my temperature has gone down to 100.5-101, and my heart rate has gone down.

Our God hears our prayers.

Another Prayer Request

Please pray -there is green drainage coming out my drainage tube. The doctors want to treat it with antibiotics.  Please pray it will go away and cause no complications.  Thank you

Prayer Request

Well my heart rate is up and I have a temperature of 103.  Please pray that God would fix both of these, because we know that He is able to do both.  Also one of the medications that I am on is causing my body to have involuntary movements.  Please pray that God would cause me to rest easier.  Please also pray that pneumonia would not set in.

As always, thank you my prayer warriors!

Good morning!

I am so glad surgery is over!  Now...recovery and healing!  Please pray my body heals quickly and no infection sets in.  Pray my counts increase and a week from now I will be ready for round 4 of chemo!!  I am still praising God for the work He has done....and trusting Him for the work yet to do!  Thank you for praying with me  :)

July 30, 2010

Rejoice in the Lord!! Successful surgery!

PRAISE, PRAISE PRAISE THE LORD!!!   The surgeon said he got ALL the cancer from my body...the big tumor on my kidney, the little tentacles, and he said the one on my spine was already "gone" but the place where it was turned out to be fluid.  Praise God Almighty!!   NO complications!!  Thank You Jesus for helping the doctors, nurses, and me get through this surgery.  Thank You for giving mommy and daddy peace and comfort ...thank You for answering the prayers of many people on my behalf!   You are AWESOME! 

Still in surgery

Halie wanted me to put this out since she is still in surgery.  The doctor came out to give Jennifer and Jason an update.  They have removed the big tumor and everything went fine.  Now they are cleaning her abdomen up, making sure to be thorough and make sure there are no new sites.  They will be progressing to the spine in the next couple hours.

Please continue to pray for Halie, the surgeon and medical staff involved, and Jennifer and Jason.  This is very difficult time for them, but they know our God is BIG and continues to carry them through this.

9:45 this

We can ask for the miracle...that my tumors would be gone and surgery would be over within minutes...this is my prayer! However, we all know God may not have that planned. I'm thankful that my small faith is in a GREAT God who is able to do miracles and causes me to trust in our gracious God for what He has planned for me and my family.

Please pray for the doctors (this is an 8-12 hour surgery) they would stay alert, have the wisdom needed for the many decisions made during surgery, good communication between the doctors and nurses, precision in removing tumors and protection for her other organs.

Pray my family will see God's comfort and peace as I am in surgery.

Will update later.

July 29, 2010

Surgery on Friday

Friday is a big day!  I am scheduled to arrive at Children's by 7:45 am.  I don't know the exact surgery time but it will be after 7:45  :) 

Please pray for me and my family ... my surgery should take 8 - 12 hours.
Pray first for the miracle...the tumors would be gone and they have nothing to know, it is ok to ask for that...if God chooses not to heal me that way...then...pray the Lord would use the doctors and nurses as His instrument to skillfully and carefully remove the tumors, while protecting my kidneys and other organs.  Pray for His peace to cover mommy, daddy, Aleks, Chloe, Kyle, and my grandparents...super-natural God be the glory!   Let's all ask and trust God for a good report tomorrow!  

July 27, 2010


Ok....remember a few days ago when my ANC was 7000 ~ I thought WOW God You are Awesome!!!  That was such a huge ANC is over 49,000....YES.... that is forty-nine THOUSAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I had a long day today...but now I don't go anywhere until Friday!! Yes...I qualify for surgery but they moved my surgery to Friday.  I will post more later...but now...back to my family!  Thank you for your prayers!!!

July 26, 2010

Praise our awesome Lord!!!!

God's power behind your prayers is AWESOME!!!!!!  I needed 2 million cells and they collected 12 MILLION!!!!!!!!  Praise our awesome Lord!!!!  God is able to do exceedingly and abundantly beyond all we ask or think according to the power that works within us, to HIM be the glory in the church and IN CHRIST JESUS to all generations forever and ever..AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!

This was a very LONG day but God is sufficient in all things!

Up early and at Children's

Good morning!  Today is a big day.  Hooray...I qualify but I need platelets so right now I am waiting on a platelet transfusion then onto the harvest.  I really DON"T want to be here at the hospital again...please pray for me.  Pray for patience, tolerance to the pain associated with the harvest, comfort as only God can comfort, and that He would help me be agreeable to being here again.  Help me God to remember I get to go home later today!!  Pray for my parents too...strength and increase their faith and trust in You doing what is best for me, no matter how backwards it seems.

July 25, 2010

Two glorious weeks at home!!!

Hello friends!!

Can you believe I have had 2 weeks at home???  Praise the Lord!  My ANC is over 7000 and I feel good!  These weeks have been filled with playing My Little Pony, Strawberry  Shortcake, "ghost," LOTS of giggles and fun!  Now we need to get back to business...  :)

This week starts off with my Stem Cell Harvest.   The best comparison is something similar to dialysis. They will put a line in my leg in the morning and then hook me up to a machine in the afternoon which pulls out my stem cells out of my blood stream and reinjects everything that isn't used. So.... me being a 3 yr. old trapped in a chair for 3-4 hours plus the line in the leg will be no fun.  :(  Pray for God's peace and comfort to help me get through this procedure. 

I have got a very busy week and this is just the beginning.  I'll keep you posted as the week continues.  The biggest day is surgery.

July 22, 2010

God is so good to me!!!

Today I went to Children's for clinic and needed a transfusion.  Things are going pretty well...sounds crazy needing a transfusion and things are progressing...but it's true!  My ANC is up over 7000....that's right I said 7000!

Praise the Lord! 

This week coming up is a HUGE week for me. 

First...Stem cell harvest...Pray I qualify for this....then surgery to remove the tumors from my body.  Please pray for this as well.  The surgery may take over 8 hours to complete and I will be sedated for 12 hours after.  Mommy and daddy will be there for my surgery ... recovery is at least 7 days after that...and at the end of the recovery I will go into round 4 of chemo.  It will be a LONG hospital stay from surgery through chemo.  Pray for mommy, daddy and my family along with me. 

Kyle had his birthday today....Mommy made a deeelicious chocolate cake and we had a really cool movie night!  Happy Birthday Kyle....I love you!!!!!

July 19, 2010

Transfusion all done...

I had my transfusion today ... and  I'M HOME!!!
Praise the Lord once again!!!!He is SOOO good to me!!!
It was a very long day but I resting now.

Please pray for me...for my blood counts to go up...I really need to qualify for the stem cell harvest next week.  Pray my family stays well and we don't have any set backs.

thank you ....

Praising God

I was home overnight and went down to Children's arount 11 for my transfusion.  Please pray my levels are ok after the transfusion and I get to go home today!  Thanks again!!

July 18, 2010

I am on day 4 being HOME!

I have been home for 4 days now.  I have had MUCH fun with my family.  Mommy cleaned up my play house for outdoors and put it on the back porch.  Now I can be outside while my sister and brothers are swimming.  I love to be a part of the action.  Mommy also cleaned up my wagon...she said she will bring it to the hospital next time we have to go.  I am thrilled about this ...I can do my Princess Parade any time we want!!!  woohoo!!! 

Speaking of hospital ... I started running a fever this evening.  I already know I need a transfusion but we are hoping to wait until clinic time tomorrow morning.  Please pray my fever goes away, my heart rate goes down and my body can wait until tomorrow to go back.  Daddy's friend who is a EMT is at the house with us keeping a good eye on me.  Thank you for praying for me...xxooxox

July 17, 2010


Boy do I love being home!!  Since last post I completed round 3 of chemo (hooray!!), was released Thursday morning for home and enjoying my time with my family!  This week is when my body is going to be recovering from the chemo and I become  "neutropenic"..big word for no immune system.  This is a hard time...I won't feel too good and it begins to worry mommy and daddy.  They, like me, pray alot and lean on the Lord to help me.  Please pray for me ... pray the fever stays away, I DRINK ALOT of water (or eat a TON of popcicles!!) and I won't need to go back to the hospital because of dehydration.  I have a few appointments this week and mommy has to give me an injection until I go in for the stem cell harvest.  This is difficult for me and mommy...She is brave!! 

I will post more later...


July 11, 2010

Day 2 of round 3

I am keeping mommy and daddy busy up here at the hospital.  They call me Princess Halie and King Daddy pulls me around in the wagon.  Queen Mommy gets to push my IV pole ...doesn't that sound like a lot of fun!?!?!?  So far I am doing pretty good.  My brothers and sister are vacationing with Nana for a few days but don't worry about my doggies at home...we have a pet sitter taking care of them!! 

Anyway...pray that my kidneys and bladder are protected from this chemo medication.  Thanks for the prayers!!

July 10, 2010

Round 3 ~ Chemo...

I arrived at the hospital last night to begin the chemo.  The doctor said I was a bit dehydrated so I didn't begin the treatment until this morning.  This is a good thing...if I started it last night they would have to wake me up every hour to go potty.  This is part of the protocol for this particular drug.  I need to keep my kidneys flushed.  Pray for a good day today.  The medication usually makes me sick to my tummy.  Pray .. pray for minimal side affects to the medicine.  Pray God continues to heal my body and the grace I need to get through each day. 

July 9, 2010

Rejoice, rejoice again I say rejoice!!!!

Oh.....did I happen to mention today that I received AWESOME news about God's healing hand on my body!!!!!!!  I just can't quit thinking about and praising God for the good report!! 

Please continue to pray for me.  I go into my 3rd round of chemo tonight.  This medication makes my tummy feel really bad and I ... throw up.  ICK!!  BUT...I know that prayer is please pray for me.  This round will be for the next 5 nights. 

Praise God ... thank you for your prayers!!!   oxoxoxoxxoox

PS...Mommy and Daddy... I haven't seen them this full of JOY in a while!  Thank you Jesus!!!!

AAAhhhhhhhh!!! Woohoo!!!!!! MY GOD IS HUGE!!!!!!!

PRAISE...PRAISE...PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  My heart is SOOOOO full of praise and rejoicing!!!!  The doctors have read tests tumors shrunk significantlly ... the doctors are STUNNED AND AMAZED!!!!  I will go in for surgery at the end of THIS MONTH.  PLEASE REJOICE WITH ME!!!!!!!


July 7, 2010

Big test day on Thursday!!!

Please pray for my tests that need to be done Thursday...Pray for the doctors to get them done quickly and accurately.  Pray the cancer is leaving my body!!!!!  Pray for wisdom for the doctors.  Thank you to all!!  Good night!


You know I'm feelin' pretty good cuz' mommy and daddy went on a date!!!!!!  :)
Either that or I just have REALLY good babysitters!!  ;)

Praising God.....

Yesterday was a LOOOOONG day!  I arrived at the hospital to get my bone scan test done and it was put off until mid afternoon.  It was a tough time too because I was hungry and thirsty but not able to have anything.  God was good to me though....I would think about eating and then got distracted and forgot I was hungry.  Finally they did my test and Mommy was ready for me when I woke up.  She had chicken nuggets (YUM!) and scary chips! 

We found out my ANC level is over 2000....WOW!!!! That is awesome...but that is just like GOD...awesome!!!  My platelets and hemoglobin are still a little low...but...

Today I am going back to Children's for a shot ... UGH!

Tomorrow...tests....Please pray for the doctors and people helping me.  Pray  God would grant me favor in their hearts.   Pray they would have accurate tests and wisdom for my treatment.

Thanks :)  I really appreciate your prayers and love!!!!

July 5, 2010

God is Good ALL the time!!

Sorry I haven't been here to write...I have been having too much fun enjoying my family!!

I am so thankful I was at home ALL weekend!!  I had such FUN with my family.  I would imagine things are progressing just fine.  The reason I think this is because I'm NOT in the hospital!!! 

Here is what's coming up this week and a HUGE matter of prayer: 

Tomorrow, mommy has to take me for a test to see how the chemo is working in my body.  The doctors will put me to sleep for this quick pray I don't have a reaction to the anesthesia.  After the test...pray I am still doing well and we go home.

Wednesday, I have to go back to Children's for an injection (OUCH!!)  Pray for me to be brave and again we will get to go back home after this. 

Thursday, Yet another test.  This one is a bit longer in procedure time and may require a breathing tube...Pray that this goes smoothly.   You see, my platelets are still low and this could cause a bit of a problem.  Pray for the doctors as they perform the tests to have wisdom and exacting eyes to see any and all improvement/issues!  Pray my test show MUCH progress and this nasty cancer is going away!!! 

Thank you for your prayers....mommy and daddy really appreciate your support!! 

Pray for my mommy and daddy...they have alot to consider and pray for regarding my care!

Good Night to all..."In peace I will both lie down and sleep...for You alone, O Lord, cause me to dwell in safety."  Ps 4:8

July 2, 2010


I get to go home TODAY!!!!!!  Thank you for praying for me!!!

The doctors said my levels are increasing, doubling from where they were!  I will get a platelet transfusion later today, just as a precaution to help my body continue to get better.  After that....HOME!!!!!!

My test went well today.  The doctor put me to sleep for the test and after the test was done, I woke up right away....and hungry!!!  This was much better than the last time they gave me anestheia.  We won't know the results of this test until next week.  The doctors are encouraged with not being able to feel the tumors in my body and believe the tests for next week will be positive.   PRAY!!!!!! 

Thank You God for Your work in my life!!!

June 30, 2010

Levels are dropping

Yesterday was so much fun!  I was IV free and able to jump, run and enjoy the freedom!  Thank you Lord for giving that to me!!

Today my blood levels are going down.  Jesus....please help my body!  Cause the cells in my body to produce what is needed.  Please cause my friends to think of me often today and pray ... pray for my blood levels to turn around and increase.  Please pray I won't need the transfusion (both blood and platelets) today.  Most of all .... continue to teach us to fall on You as You carry us through these difficult days.  God, You are us see Your goodness.

June 29, 2010

I am freeeeee... from the IV

I am so excited.. I am jumping on my bed and running around my room singing... "I am free.. I am really free."  (over and over and over!!)   This morning I flashed my baby blue eyes and gave the doctors my word that I would continue to drink and eat plenty of popsicles.  So the nurses disconnected my IV around 2pm and will come back at 9pm to connect me back up.   Until then I will just be thankful and sing my songs.  My mommy took a picture of me singing and being so happy.  She said she is going to try to post it today!! 

Please pray that my ANC count to recover and go up so she can go home, it is still 0. But God can change that. Thanks for your prayers! 

June 28, 2010

Lookin' good

There is a marker in my blood the doctors look for to be able to determine when I'm on the they see it!!!!  So soon they will see my amc level increase and then after that...HOME!!!!  Praise the Lord!  He is healing me little by little.  Thank you for all your prayers and please keep praying for me.  Pray my levels continue to increase and that I won't need the blood transfusion.  Pray I continue to drink and eat so I keep my energy up and my body has what it needs to heal.  :)

June 27, 2010

Quiet day

Nana had to go back home today...:(... Mommy and Daddy came back to stay with me :).  Kyle hasn't been sick since last night but he says he just doesn't feel all the way better.  He hasn't had a fever!!! Praise God!!  The doctors seem to think all will be ok.  My sister and brothers went to stay with Noni...I hope they have fun! 

I really don't have an immune system right now.  My count is 0...but the good news is my platelets and my hemoglobin are ok.  That is good because it means I don't need a blood transfusion.  Pray my "anc"(immune system) count goes up!!!  When it does...I get to go HOME!!!

Please pray for my mommy and daddy...I know this is very hard for them and they are doing such a good job taking care of me!!!   Pray for my grand parents too.  They have been helping out TONS with my family!  Also pray for my doggies.  I know they miss the whole family's nite nite time....zzzzzzzz

Psalm 4:8   In peace I will both lie down and sleep ... for You alone, O Lord, cause me to dwell in safety.

June 26, 2010

Please Pray

I am in a room -yeah.  My brother, Kyle, stayed with me and mommy last night.  We had fun and played.  Well my Nana and Aleks wanted to stay with me too, so Mommy and daddy took Kyle home around 8 pm.  (No parents-and Nana spoils me!!)  Well, on the way home Kyle got sick.  

My immune system is 0, so this is not good. Please pray that God will keep these germs away from me.  If it is a bacterial infection, I am on antibiotics, but if it is viral I will rely on my God to protect me!  Please pray for family so they will not get sick.  Please pray for Kyle that he will feel better soon.  Please pray for wisdom and rest for mom and dad.

June 24, 2010

here's some good news

I am in ICU but just until they get a oncology room ready for me.  My vital organs are fine!  Here is what is puzzling...I still have a fever.  Pray they would find out what is causing that fast!  God is good!

I'll be staying

Back in ICU... looks like a couple more days of fluid and R+R.

My heart rate is too high...

I am at the hospital and my heart rate is between 141 - 148 but it needs to go under 140 beats per minute.  I am on my second bag of fluids to hydrate me but if they need to do 3 then I will have to stay here at the hospital. 

Pray for my heart rate to go down and for my body to stay hydrated.  
Pray that I will not have to be admitted to the ICU. 

Thank you again for your prayers!

I'm not feeling good today

Daddy and Mommy are taking me to the hospital today.  I was throwing up (yuck) last night and my temperature it spiking today.  This is around the time I should begin to feel bad but please pray for wisdom for the nurses this morning to know the best way to take care of me.  If I need to be admitted to the hospital or if I can just go to the clinic for a transfusion and go home.  Please pray for my family too.  They don't like seeing me feel bad and they need the peace and comfort only Jesus can give!!!  I'll let you know more later today! 

June 23, 2010

Nana is making pretty headbands for me!

I can't wait to show them to you.  I love my PINK one!!


I have finished round 2 and have done remarkaby well.  My counts will begin to go down over the next few days and I have lost weight of course. Please pray for my appetite to increase you know I am a FIGHTER overall. I do need your prayers even more as I claim more ground over this disease.  Thanks to all and I am enjoying my days at home with my family!  Mommy has taken walks with my sister and brothers.  They need special time with mommy too.  I love my family!!!

June 22, 2010

I am home!

Yeah I am back home.  My immune numbers went from 1100 last Thursday to 2600 even after 2 days of chemo.  Isn't God awesome!!  The doctors said I am doing well and need to make sure I drink plenty of fluids so I won't become dehydrated. They did say it looks like I am flushing the chemo out quickly!

Gotta go play-

June 21, 2010

Blood donation number

There have been ALOT of people wanting to donate blood in recognition of me.  WOW, I can't thank you enough.  You all have been so wonderful to me and my family.  God is so wonderful to give us all these wonderful people that want to help and support us.  I am just overwhelmed.

Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center has scheduled  a “Group To Center Drive."  This means any of you whether friends, family, co-workers of my daddy, neighbors and anyone who wishes to provide the “gift of life” in my honor may visit any of our neighborhood donor centers and donate using the following group code:

 V960FS03 and my name Halie Pigott

Isn't that cool too.  They said because there have been so many that want to help they have set this up in my name!!  Please know when going to one of the Neighborhood Donor Centers, please make sure you give the above information to be able to have the units count toward this drive. It starts Tuesday, June 15th and continues through Tuesday June 29th.  For locations, you can look online at
I even think my daddy's work is having a blood drive too!!

Day 3 and planning on going home!!

Hello everyone!! I came in on Saturday and plan on going home this evening!! Isn't that great!! I am up playing and happy. I am not hungry this morning but they gave me some anti nausea medicine so I would have an appetite.  What an appetite I had yesterday- I wanted steak, potatoes and a salad.  My daddy made sure I got it.

Oh-a fun thing happen on my Facebook account yesterday. Faith Hill (McGraw) sent me a short message. Isn't that cool !?!  Since it was Father's Day weekend some volunteer groups had a picnic set up upstairs with face painting and balloons and food.  That was so cool.  I had Mickey Mouse painted on my face.  Texas Children's is such a great hospital.  They take such good care of me and try to make it as fun as possible.

Thanks again for all your help, support and prayers.  We have been blessed beyond belief by all of your support and encouragement.

June 19, 2010

Round 2

Well I am back in the hospital and waiting for chemo to start.  I am a little dehydrated and waiting for that to be taken care of. I guesss all that running around with my my sister and brothers, tea parties, and jumping on the bed wore me out these last few days.  I had fun though!!

Yesterday we celebrated Father's Day together as a family! We thought celebrating early would be good and that way we could all be together.  God has blessed me with the BEST dad!! He loves me so much and I love him too.  The things he does for me.  He has let me paint his nails and even wore a tiara.

Please keep me in your prayers.

June 18, 2010

Another Praise!

I went to clinic yesterday and my immune numbers are climbing and above what they need to be for chemo.  Yeah!!!  They have tripled since Monday.  Isn't that great?  I am so thankful.    Not only do I have a wonderful God that loves me and lots of people praying for me, but my numbers are even better than they wanted for me to do chemo.  They also said that my weight is to my advantage... how did they put it... because I started out a ...little heavier and I have lost a few pounds that it is good.   My taste buds are changing, so what I think I want..may not taste very good.  I used to like strawberry milk but right now I like chocolate milk, hot chocolate and little sausages.  They say that it is good sign that I am eating and walking and even running.  I have enjoyed serveral tea parties a day. 

I am on schedule with my chemo which is good.  They say they really want to start out strong because there will be times that they have to delay chemo for some reason whether my counts are not right, or a fever, etc.  Wouldn't that be cool if God miraculously kept me on my chemo schedule the entire time.   Imagine what those doctors would say.  Let God get the glory.  Well I know that God is the Ultimate Physician and is in complete control.

When I go in for chemo on Saturday, it will be for 3-4 days.  Please pray for me.  Pray that there will be no adverse reaction to the chemo.  Also, please pray there will be no damage for my heart, liver and kidney, and for the cancer to be destroyed.  Please pray for my family too!

June 16, 2010

Thankfully another day at home!

I am home again! Yeah!  I have fun playing with my brothers and sister. Chloe and I had a tea party today.  I am feeling much better.  I  have been wanting my mom to hold me alot since this all started, but today I have feeling better and spunkier.  I did not even take a nap yesterday, just rest times.

I go to clinic tomorrow for a checkup. Hopefully my immune system is still improving!

Gotta run...

June 15, 2010

Fun day at home!

Oops forgot to write about my day!! I had a fun day today at home with my family.  I slept in since I did not have nurses coming in checking on me.  I watched Underdog with my sister in mommy's bed.  I was even caught jumping on the bed.  Oops-I guess I am feeling better.  It was good being home.. back in mommy and daddy's bed!!  Tonight when daddy came home we had some good family time!

Thank you Lord for letting me feel better and getting my numbers to go up!

June 14, 2010

Praise God!!

Praise God... I get to go home!
Wow-My counts are going up!  Thank you God and thank you for your prayers! My counts went from 90 to 350 overnight!!   Let God get the glory!! I am so happy. They unhooked my IV and I thought that was great!! Freedom to walk around, but getting to go home is even better! 

I will still need my numbers to go up so I can be ready for chemo, but look what God has done already!  I am enjoying having my brother, Aleks here.  He and mommy are going to start packing up so when the dr signs my release papers we can go!

Someone asked if I could eat anything I want.  Well I can especially when I take chemo.  They are just happy if I eat or drink anything.   Mommy and daddy want me to start eating better and healthier than I have been.  That is part of the reason they want to get me home.  Yes I do like popcorn... but only the "good" kind, "not the bad kind."  I am not sure if I like carmel popcorn.  I have not had it.   My taste buds are changing!!

Well keep praying - and don't forget to Praise His Name!!

Another Good Day

God is so good to me.  I woke up happy and hungry today!!  I was excited to see my breakfast for a change.  I am ready for new day and hopefully, Lord willing, will be able to go home today.  We are waiting to see what the doctors say.  My platelet levels have doubled!!!  Yeah!!!  Of course, they would like for them to keep getting higher!!  We are also waiting to see what my immune system/ANC is.  Please pray that my immune system numbers will start shooting up so I can be ready for my next chemo!! God is able.

My brother Aleks was able to spend the night with me and mommy! See we find a way to be together, even if it is in the hospital!!

June 13, 2010

Getting Stronger

Hello everyone. I am having another good day! Me and daddy are hanging out right now!  I have played and rested!  Thank you Lord for my making my levels go up!  He is so good to me.  If they keep going up maybe I can go home Monday or Tuesday.  Wouldn't that be great??  Mommy and Chloe stayed with me last night.  We had a girls' night!  I am hoping my brothers can stay with me tonight!

I know there are so many of you praying for me and my family, I just want to thank everyone for your prayers.

June 12, 2010

Big day yesterday!

Well I had a good day with daddy yesterday.  We played ball.  We colored.  We even found the play room!! I love my daddy!!  Mommy and my brothers and sister came up around dinner time.  We played some more. What a fun time.  Whew- was I tired when they left. I was asleep within 30 minutes and slept almost 12 hours!Thank you Lord for my good day with my family.
My mommy and I are hanging out today.  My levels are pretty much the same. Can't wait till they are at a point when I can go home. Keep praying!

June 11, 2010


Well I had a good day- resting and sleeping yesterday.  My body needed that time to recover and get stronger.  Praise God my levels are going up!!  My counts looks like my body is recovering!! Thank you Lord. My immune system is getting stronger.  I am so thankful.  Maybe soon if it keeps getting stronger I can go home.  Mommy is having a sweet time with my brothers and sister.  She is coming back today.   I hope they come see me soon because I miss them. Thank you everyone for praying for me. Our God is so good.  Keep praying !

June 10, 2010

Chillin' with daddy!

Tonight .... it's just me and daddy!!  Now we are gonna have some fun!  Mommy went to see my brothers and sister and to get some REST!  Pray for her...pray for refreshing and rest.  Pray for me too...please.  I really want to go home.  My blood levels are still low...God is bigger than these levels and I know He can cause them to produce FAST!!!  Pray for daddy to get some rest tonight too.  Thank you everyone...good night!


Although I really like visitors, my mommy wants me to get some rest today. She says rest will help my body recover and get stronger.  So NO Hide and Go Seek -Ms.Amber and Ms. Melissa .. at least not for today!!  Please call my mommy before coming down.


Good morning!! Please pray for my blood levels to go up. I received another blood transfusion again last night, but my levels still are low this morning.  The doctors want to give me a platelet transfusion this morning.  Also, my heart rate was up again last night.
Please pray that God will turn my levels the other way and my body will respond well!! Please pray, pray, pray.... I want to go home!

June 9, 2010

Good morning!

Praise the counts are beginning to go up!  HOORAY!!!  Pray they continue to increase...then I'll be able to go home!!!  The doctors told me I don't have bacteria in my blood...Thank You God!!!   Pray that as they take me off my antibiotics that my fever will not come back!  Praise God for His care for ME!!!

Here is a bit of you know with the chemo, most patients hair will fall out. is starting to happen to me.  Please pray for mommy and me as it happens.

June 8, 2010


Hello everyone!
Today I received platelets because mine were very low....pray for my body to begin producing lots and lots of them.
I am getting more blood too... pray again that my blood levels will increase quickly....I wanna go HOME!!!!!
Lord...please cause my body to produce what I need.

Monday was a fun day

We laughed and played ....  thank You Lord for the joy.

June 7, 2010

~~ Blood Drive ~~

There is a blood drive scheduled for June 19th from 8:00AM - 12:00 noon
at Lakeside Bible Church.  This would be alot of help to me.   They will have my number on hand to give blood credits to me! 

Thank you for donating for me!

The doctor report.

Well... the cancer is in my bones. This won't change my treatment but it may take longer now to get rid of it!  There are tumors in my body but not throughout ...
Praise the Lord! I had to get another blood transfusion this morning and depending on how I do today I may get another one tomorrow.

Here is an answered prayer too:  My cental line...where they draw blood and give me the chemo...IT'S WORKING AGAIN!!!  Praise the Lord!  Now I don't get lots of needle sticks.  :)

my blood levels go up ...and I can go back home!!!!
My mommy gets needed rest and doesn't get sick.
my daddy has a good day at work and gets back to the hospital soon.
sorry for the delay in this information....the blogspot had comunication trouble earlier today.  This is what has been happening:

Started running a fever on Friday and had to come up to the hospital. Spent 2 days in ICU and it looks like I will be here a little while. Also have a visit with my doctor to go over all my tests.

Pray that the test will show the neuroblastoma spread is limited to what we already know and that my blood counts will recover so I can go... home. Looks like I will be here another 3-5 days.

June 6, 2010

Out of ICU

Word from Nana..Cathy Norris, Your prayers are an encouragement to everyone. Halie is much better today. Her white count is very low and is still recieving antibiotics. But....Praises! She has been moved to the oncology ward. Never thought i would be thankful for that! Amazing how God can change our perspective so quickly!

June 5, 2010


Hello-I am in ICU.  My blood pressure is low and there is a wide range between my 2 numbers. The doctors are treating me with a broad spectrum abt/antibiotics because they are not sure if I have chicken pox or a bacteria infection, or what.    My central line is not working properly so they are not able to draw blood from it... which makes more ouches.  I will be here at least for another 24 hours as they wait for the blood culture to come back, so they treat me accordingly.

Please pray for wisdom for the doctors to quickly diagnose what is going on with me, and that I will respond well to it.

Please pray for my blood pressure to come back into range.

Pray for my brothers and sister, as they were really looking forward to me, mommy and daddy being home this weekend together.

Also, mommy and daddy meet with the specialist on Monday to go over all test results. Please pray that the  Neuroblastoma is not in my bone.

June 4, 2010

back to the hospital :(

Today I had to go back to Children's.  My fever went up and blood counts went down.  The doctors decided to give me a blood transfusion.  That is good.  Now they need to keep an eye on me for the next day or so. Please pray that I don't have an infection or chicken pox.  Pray for mommy and daddy...they are tired but trusting.  Thank you for the continued prayers. 

No doctors today!!!

No doctors today!!!  None tomorrow!  None on Sunday either....hooray!!!
I'm so glad we get family time ... please continue to pray for my family as we learn what our new "normal" family life looks like.  Pray for my results from the doctors on Monday...God is in the miracle business and that is what we are praying for!!! 

Movie night

Last night we had a family movie night.  I got to snuggle up with my daddy and my sister was on the other side of daddy.  My brothers were there, Grandma and of course was FUN!  I feel pretty good!

June 2, 2010

Love from Linda West

Sweet Halie - you are being praying for 1/2 way around the world in Dubai, U.A.E. and the ladies in my Small Group Bible Study are praying too! God Loves you and we do too!

Words from my Grandma, Cathy Norris

This precious angel is AMAZING. She woke up so happy this morning!!! She is so unaware and trusting DADDY (and Mommy). God show me how to trust YOU like this sweet precious three year old does. I want to be just like HALIE when I grow up!

June 1, 2010

Today....I get to go HOME!!!!!

Good day yesterday. Finished the first round of chemo. Have bone scan today at 12:30. Pray that it shows the neuroblastoma is limited to what we already know. Also Halie can't eat or drink until it is over and she is hungry for chick fil a at 8:00. Long time to go when you haven't ate much during the week. Get to go home after the scan. Yay!

May 31, 2010

late Monday night

I'm excited! I get to go home tomorrow!!!! Grandma is home getting the house ready for me. I need to have everything germ free. The doctor said I have to try really hard not to get sick. I need to stay on my chemo treatment schedule.

Before I get to go home I will have a test run on my bones. This nasty cancer hasn't gotten into my bone marrow and the doctors need to make sure it isn't in my bones either. Please pray for me. Pray my bones will be clear and the test goes well. I will be asleep during the test.

Pray for my mommy and daddy too! They need strength to keep up with my busy schedule. I love them! :)

Good night...


Had another great night. Slept through chemo again. Woke up craving an egg McMuffin an chocolate milk. Going home tomorrow. Thanks for the prayers, they are working. God is good!

My grandma has a great idea...

Grandma, Cathy Norris, said on her facebook page: Everyone that is getting the word out about Halie..Thank you. Church websites will have Pastors emails. Those of you that are willing to take a state please let me know. I will cover the rest, unless you know of someone that will take one. It is a simple matter of making a word document and attaching it. Church List are easy enough to find on the internet. If you aren't on facebood you can contact her at :

Thank you for your prayers!!!

My Sunday visitor

Mommy's friend, Sarah,put this on her facebook page after her visit...Hey all- got to see Halie and Jenn today! Both are doing well! Halie looks happy and beautiful! Jenn said that one practical way that we can help is by donating blood! If we donate blood to gulf coast regency in Halie's name...she gets a blood credit in case she needs a blood transfusion. So far she hasn't needed one...but just an FYI!

May 30, 2010

Sundy night

Praise the Lord! This is the last treatment for this round. I hope to go home Tuesday! Please continue to pray that I will be protected from the chemo but it will destroy the cancer. I sure hope I get to go home on Tuesday. I want to be with my brothers and sister!

Sunday morning....

Chemo went great again last night. Slept through the whole thing. Woke up this morning hungry and happy. One more night of chemo to go. Get to go home on Tuesday.

May 30

Last night went well...more later

May 29, 2010

Late night Saturday....

My chemo started a while ago and I am sleeping like a baby.....ssshhhh
Thank you for praying! :)

May 29...evening

Pray for me! I am getting another chemo treatment in just a little while. It is another strong dose but pray I take is as well as I did last night. Pray I sleep thru it again. The doctors told us the results of the bone marrow test. Praise the Lord the cancer is not in my bones. Continue to pray for that because they did say there is something suspicious we are going to monitor. I had a good day playing withbend-a-roos and polishing nails. Thank you for praying.

May 29, 2010

Had my third round of chemo last night. I slept through the whole thing and didn't wake up with nausea at all. Slept like a rock. Thanks for all your prayers they are working. - Halie