March 24, 2011

Scans, scans and more scans

Yes...I have been thoroughly scanned from the top of my head to the tip of my toes....who knows I may be glowing!!!!!  =)

I am in my Disease Evaluation Week....the doctors are looking for any signs of relapse in my body. 
Tuesday I had a Bone Marrow Aspiration...Praise the Lord I was asleep for that!!!!
Today...MIBG...this test scanned my neck, chest and abdomen.

I know it doesn't sound like alot but considering my week last week....I'm wiped out!!!  Over this past weekend I had some neurological issues from the Immunotherapy that were pretty darn scary.  Praise the Lord for my mommy that kept a keen eye on me to inform the doctors about the "signs." (mommy is not writing this so I can say "keen eye" and she just might shoot me!)  The doctor whisked me away for an MRI of my brain and they discovered a swollen Optic Nerve which should heal on its own.  I didn't run any fever over Saturday night so I finally got to go home on Sunday...whew....I LOVE being HOME!!!!

Please pray for my mommy and daddy....they have several decisions to make regarding my treatment.  Pray for wisdom ...Gods' wisdom and peace to guard their hearts regarding these decisions.  Pray God increases their faith and trust in Him as they entreat Him for my benefit.  He is faithful!!!  He gives me the courage to "simply" trust them as they follow God.