July 10, 2010

Round 3 ~ Chemo...

I arrived at the hospital last night to begin the chemo.  The doctor said I was a bit dehydrated so I didn't begin the treatment until this morning.  This is a good thing...if I started it last night they would have to wake me up every hour to go potty.  This is part of the protocol for this particular drug.  I need to keep my kidneys flushed.  Pray for a good day today.  The medication usually makes me sick to my tummy.  Pray .. pray for minimal side affects to the medicine.  Pray God continues to heal my body and the grace I need to get through each day. 

July 9, 2010

Rejoice, rejoice again I say rejoice!!!!

Oh.....did I happen to mention today that I received AWESOME news about God's healing hand on my body!!!!!!!  I just can't quit thinking about and praising God for the good report!! 

Please continue to pray for me.  I go into my 3rd round of chemo tonight.  This medication makes my tummy feel really bad and I ... throw up.  ICK!!  BUT...I know that prayer is paramount...so please pray for me.  This round will be for the next 5 nights. 

Praise God ... thank you for your prayers!!!   oxoxoxoxxoox

PS...Mommy and Daddy... I haven't seen them this full of JOY in a while!  Thank you Jesus!!!!

AAAhhhhhhhh!!! Woohoo!!!!!! MY GOD IS HUGE!!!!!!!

PRAISE...PRAISE...PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  My heart is SOOOOO full of praise and rejoicing!!!!  The doctors have read tests ....my tumors shrunk significantlly ... the doctors are STUNNED AND AMAZED!!!!  I will go in for surgery at the end of THIS MONTH.  PLEASE REJOICE WITH ME!!!!!!!


July 7, 2010

Big test day on Thursday!!!

Please pray for my tests that need to be done Thursday...Pray for the doctors to get them done quickly and accurately.  Pray the cancer is leaving my body!!!!!  Pray for wisdom for the doctors.  Thank you to all!!  Good night!


You know I'm feelin' pretty good cuz' mommy and daddy went on a date!!!!!!  :)
Either that or I just have REALLY good babysitters!!  ;)

Praising God.....

Yesterday was a LOOOOONG day!  I arrived at the hospital to get my bone scan test done and it was put off until mid afternoon.  It was a tough time too because I was hungry and thirsty but not able to have anything.  God was good to me though....I would think about eating and then got distracted and forgot I was hungry.  Finally they did my test and Mommy was ready for me when I woke up.  She had chicken nuggets (YUM!) and scary chips! 

We found out my ANC level is over 2000....WOW!!!! That is awesome...but that is just like GOD...awesome!!!  My platelets and hemoglobin are still a little low...but...

Today I am going back to Children's for a shot ... UGH!

Tomorrow...tests....Please pray for the doctors and people helping me.  Pray  God would grant me favor in their hearts.   Pray they would have accurate tests and wisdom for my treatment.

Thanks :)  I really appreciate your prayers and love!!!!

July 5, 2010

God is Good ALL the time!!

Sorry I haven't been here to write...I have been having too much fun enjoying my family!!

I am so thankful I was at home ALL weekend!!  I had such FUN with my family.  I would imagine things are progressing just fine.  The reason I think this is because I'm NOT in the hospital!!! 

Here is what's coming up this week and a HUGE matter of prayer: 

Tomorrow, mommy has to take me for a test to see how the chemo is working in my body.  The doctors will put me to sleep for this quick test...so pray I don't have a reaction to the anesthesia.  After the test...pray I am still doing well and we go home.

Wednesday, I have to go back to Children's for an injection (OUCH!!)  Pray for me to be brave and again we will get to go back home after this. 

Thursday, Yet another test.  This one is a bit longer in procedure time and may require a breathing tube...Pray that this goes smoothly.   You see, my platelets are still low and this could cause a bit of a problem.  Pray for the doctors as they perform the tests to have wisdom and exacting eyes to see any and all improvement/issues!  Pray my test show MUCH progress and this nasty cancer is going away!!! 

Thank you for your prayers....mommy and daddy really appreciate your support!! 

Pray for my mommy and daddy...they have alot to consider and pray for regarding my care!

Good Night to all..."In peace I will both lie down and sleep...for You alone, O Lord, cause me to dwell in safety."  Ps 4:8