June 5, 2010


Hello-I am in ICU.  My blood pressure is low and there is a wide range between my 2 numbers. The doctors are treating me with a broad spectrum abt/antibiotics because they are not sure if I have chicken pox or a bacteria infection, or what.    My central line is not working properly so they are not able to draw blood from it... which makes more ouches.  I will be here at least for another 24 hours as they wait for the blood culture to come back, so they treat me accordingly.

Please pray for wisdom for the doctors to quickly diagnose what is going on with me, and that I will respond well to it.

Please pray for my blood pressure to come back into range.

Pray for my brothers and sister, as they were really looking forward to me, mommy and daddy being home this weekend together.

Also, mommy and daddy meet with the specialist on Monday to go over all test results. Please pray that the  Neuroblastoma is not in my bone.

June 4, 2010

back to the hospital :(

Today I had to go back to Children's.  My fever went up and blood counts went down.  The doctors decided to give me a blood transfusion.  That is good.  Now they need to keep an eye on me for the next day or so. Please pray that I don't have an infection or chicken pox.  Pray for mommy and daddy...they are tired but trusting.  Thank you for the continued prayers. 

No doctors today!!!

No doctors today!!!  None tomorrow!  None on Sunday either....hooray!!!
I'm so glad we get family time ... please continue to pray for my family as we learn what our new "normal" family life looks like.  Pray for my results from the doctors on Monday...God is in the miracle business and that is what we are praying for!!! 

Movie night

Last night we had a family movie night.  I got to snuggle up with my daddy and my sister was on the other side of daddy.  My brothers were there, Grandma and of course mommy....it was FUN!  I feel pretty good!

June 2, 2010

Love from Linda West

Sweet Halie - you are being praying for 1/2 way around the world in Dubai, U.A.E. and the ladies in my Small Group Bible Study are praying too! God Loves you and we do too!

Words from my Grandma, Cathy Norris

This precious angel is AMAZING. She woke up so happy this morning!!! She is so unaware and trusting DADDY (and Mommy). God show me how to trust YOU like this sweet precious three year old does. I want to be just like HALIE when I grow up!

June 1, 2010

Today....I get to go HOME!!!!!

Good day yesterday. Finished the first round of chemo. Have bone scan today at 12:30. Pray that it shows the neuroblastoma is limited to what we already know. Also Halie can't eat or drink until it is over and she is hungry for chick fil a at 8:00. Long time to go when you haven't ate much during the week. Get to go home after the scan. Yay!

May 31, 2010

late Monday night

I'm excited! I get to go home tomorrow!!!! Grandma is home getting the house ready for me. I need to have everything germ free. The doctor said I have to try really hard not to get sick. I need to stay on my chemo treatment schedule.

Before I get to go home I will have a test run on my bones. This nasty cancer hasn't gotten into my bone marrow and the doctors need to make sure it isn't in my bones either. Please pray for me. Pray my bones will be clear and the test goes well. I will be asleep during the test.

Pray for my mommy and daddy too! They need strength to keep up with my busy schedule. I love them! :)

Good night...


Had another great night. Slept through chemo again. Woke up craving an egg McMuffin an chocolate milk. Going home tomorrow. Thanks for the prayers, they are working. God is good!

My grandma has a great idea...

Grandma, Cathy Norris, said on her facebook page: Everyone that is getting the word out about Halie..Thank you. Church websites will have Pastors emails. Those of you that are willing to take a state please let me know. I will cover the rest, unless you know of someone that will take one. It is a simple matter of making a word document and attaching it. Church List are easy enough to find on the internet. If you aren't on facebood you can contact her at : cathypnorris@hotmail.com

Thank you for your prayers!!!

My Sunday visitor

Mommy's friend, Sarah,put this on her facebook page after her visit...Hey all- got to see Halie and Jenn today! Both are doing well! Halie looks happy and beautiful! Jenn said that one practical way that we can help is by donating blood! If we donate blood to gulf coast regency in Halie's name...she gets a blood credit in case she needs a blood transfusion. So far she hasn't needed one...but just an FYI!

May 30, 2010

Sundy night

Praise the Lord! This is the last treatment for this round. I hope to go home Tuesday! Please continue to pray that I will be protected from the chemo but it will destroy the cancer. I sure hope I get to go home on Tuesday. I want to be with my brothers and sister!

Sunday morning....

Chemo went great again last night. Slept through the whole thing. Woke up this morning hungry and happy. One more night of chemo to go. Get to go home on Tuesday.

May 30

Last night went well...more later