July 31, 2010

Revised Prayer request

There was an infection that the surgeon found when I was in surgery located in my lung cavity.  The doctors know the source of it and are treating it with antibiotics.  There is also air in my lung cavity, which is not supposed to be there.  I am supposed to do breathing exercises, or cry or laugh, or scream-which I do not want to do because honestly it hurts and with the medicine I am on it makes me very tired.  So please pray for the infection to be healed and for me to be willing to do what I need to do to get the air out of that area.  The doctors have scheduled an Xray at 5am tomorrow morning to see if it is better. 

Good news-my temperature has gone down to 100.5-101, and my heart rate has gone down.

Our God hears our prayers.

Another Prayer Request

Please pray -there is green drainage coming out my drainage tube. The doctors want to treat it with antibiotics.  Please pray it will go away and cause no complications.  Thank you

Prayer Request

Well my heart rate is up and I have a temperature of 103.  Please pray that God would fix both of these, because we know that He is able to do both.  Also one of the medications that I am on is causing my body to have involuntary movements.  Please pray that God would cause me to rest easier.  Please also pray that pneumonia would not set in.

As always, thank you my prayer warriors!

Good morning!

I am so glad surgery is over!  Now...recovery and healing!  Please pray my body heals quickly and no infection sets in.  Pray my counts increase and a week from now I will be ready for round 4 of chemo!!  I am still praising God for the work He has done....and trusting Him for the work yet to do!  Thank you for praying with me  :)

July 30, 2010

Rejoice in the Lord!! Successful surgery!

PRAISE, PRAISE PRAISE THE LORD!!!   The surgeon said he got ALL the cancer from my body...the big tumor on my kidney, the little tentacles, and he said the one on my spine was already "gone" but the place where it was turned out to be fluid.  Praise God Almighty!!   NO complications!!  Thank You Jesus for helping the doctors, nurses, and me get through this surgery.  Thank You for giving mommy and daddy peace and comfort ...thank You for answering the prayers of many people on my behalf!   You are AWESOME! 

Still in surgery

Halie wanted me to put this out since she is still in surgery.  The doctor came out to give Jennifer and Jason an update.  They have removed the big tumor and everything went fine.  Now they are cleaning her abdomen up, making sure to be thorough and make sure there are no new sites.  They will be progressing to the spine in the next couple hours.

Please continue to pray for Halie, the surgeon and medical staff involved, and Jennifer and Jason.  This is very difficult time for them, but they know our God is BIG and continues to carry them through this.

9:45 this morning...surgery

We can ask for the miracle...that my tumors would be gone and surgery would be over within minutes...this is my prayer! However, we all know God may not have that planned. I'm thankful that my small faith is in a GREAT God who is able to do miracles and causes me to trust in our gracious God for what He has planned for me and my family.

Please pray for the doctors (this is an 8-12 hour surgery) they would stay alert, have the wisdom needed for the many decisions made during surgery, good communication between the doctors and nurses, precision in removing tumors and protection for her other organs.

Pray my family will see God's comfort and peace as I am in surgery.

Will update later.

July 29, 2010

Surgery on Friday

Friday is a big day!  I am scheduled to arrive at Children's by 7:45 am.  I don't know the exact surgery time but it will be after 7:45  :) 

Please pray for me and my family ... my surgery should take 8 - 12 hours.
Pray first for the miracle...the tumors would be gone and they have nothing to remove...you know, it is ok to ask for that...if God chooses not to heal me that way...then...pray the Lord would use the doctors and nurses as His instrument to skillfully and carefully remove the tumors, while protecting my kidneys and other organs.  Pray for His peace to cover mommy, daddy, Aleks, Chloe, Kyle, and my grandparents...super-natural peace...to God be the glory!   Let's all ask and trust God for a good report tomorrow!  

July 27, 2010


Ok....remember a few days ago when my ANC was 7000 ~ I thought WOW God You are Awesome!!!  That was such a huge blessing...well....my ANC is over 49,000....YES.... that is forty-nine THOUSAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I had a long day today...but now I don't go anywhere until Friday!! Yes...I qualify for surgery but they moved my surgery to Friday.  I will post more later...but now...back to my family!  Thank you for your prayers!!!

July 26, 2010

Praise our awesome Lord!!!!

God's power behind your prayers is AWESOME!!!!!!  I needed 2 million cells and they collected 12 MILLION!!!!!!!!  Praise our awesome Lord!!!!  God is able to do exceedingly and abundantly beyond all we ask or think according to the power that works within us, to HIM be the glory in the church and IN CHRIST JESUS to all generations forever and ever..AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!

This was a very LONG day but God is sufficient in all things!

Up early and at Children's

Good morning!  Today is a big day.  Hooray...I qualify but I need platelets so right now I am waiting on a platelet transfusion then onto the harvest.  I really DON"T want to be here at the hospital again...please pray for me.  Pray for patience, tolerance to the pain associated with the harvest, comfort as only God can comfort, and that He would help me be agreeable to being here again.  Help me God to remember I get to go home later today!!  Pray for my parents too...strength and increase their faith and trust in You doing what is best for me, no matter how backwards it seems.

July 25, 2010

Two glorious weeks at home!!!

Hello friends!!

Can you believe I have had 2 weeks at home???  Praise the Lord!  My ANC is over 7000 and I feel good!  These weeks have been filled with playing My Little Pony, Strawberry  Shortcake, "ghost," LOTS of giggles and fun!  Now we need to get back to business...  :)

This week starts off with my Stem Cell Harvest.   The best comparison is something similar to dialysis. They will put a line in my leg in the morning and then hook me up to a machine in the afternoon which pulls out my stem cells out of my blood stream and reinjects everything that isn't used. So.... me being a 3 yr. old trapped in a chair for 3-4 hours plus the line in the leg will be no fun.  :(  Pray for God's peace and comfort to help me get through this procedure. 

I have got a very busy week and this is just the beginning.  I'll keep you posted as the week continues.  The biggest day is Thursday...my surgery.