February 15, 2011

His mercies are new every morning.....

Today has been a better day for me, Thank You Jesus!  I was able to start the ch.14.18 around 6 p.m. and the IL-2 at 8:00 last night.  I pretty much slept through the night.  :)  I finally got my Lasik and my I's and O's are looking pretty good.  Mommy did the Happy Dance! (actually the peepee dance)  Today has been pretty fun.  I woke up wanting to play with Daddy, He is the best!  Then Mommy and I hung out all morning playing in my room.  I took at good nap from all the Benadryl and Morphine but I woke up around 4 with a fever :(  Mommy gave me a cool bath and some Tylenol and I am staying pretty steady at 100.  Overall a good day.  Daddy and Mommy are happy with my blood pressures.  Tonight I have tons of energy so I am gonna have to run.  We have pet shops to play with after all.  Please pray that I have a good night, no low blood pressures, that my tempy stays steady so I can stay on the 9th floor.   And please pray for my I's and O's to stay good so Everyone will quit worrying about me peepeeing.  Have a great night XOXO  Halie

February 14, 2011

He will supply the strength we need -- just in time.

  First Peter 4:12 says ....."I beg you not to be unduly alarmed at the fiery ordeals which come to test your faith."  Day one of IL-2 & the Ch. 14.18 (Chimeric Antibody) has proven to be another fiery ordeal  which has come test our faith.  Yet, I am thankful that he has once again proven to supply the strength we need....just in time. 
  Today has been a rough day for Halie but God has supplied strength in abundance for His precious child.  The IL-2 started promptly at 9 a.m.  It was a good morning.  She played, ate donuts, got to go to the playroom....it was fun.  Big love brought a fun basket full of Valentine's Day treats.   It seemed like everywhere we turned someone was giving fun bags and treats.  Then at 11:00 we started the CH.14.18 it usually takes about three hours for the full effects of the anibody to kick in.  Around 1:45 we took blood pressures and they were alarmingly low.  Halie was sleeping but we were having trouble rousing her so Dr.'s were called in and the protocol was stopped.  So the afternoon has been spent trying work out a plan.  Her I's and O's are positive 800 but the decision to give her Lasik has not been made due to blood pressure issues.  We are trusting bodly in God's promises knowing that all things are in His mighty hands and will be accomplished for her good and ours.


February 13, 2011

Round Three......

  Round two went without a hitch, Thank You Jesus!!!  We actually got to go home Friday :)   Yeah!!!  We are so thankful for the good days.  Halie got to break out for a few minutes Friday and visit the Bake sale.  It was great!  Yummy treats.  Thank you so much to our sweet family and friends who baked for us.  You are amazing.  The bake sale made over $2,000 for Neuroblastoma Research.  Fantastic.  I feel so blest to have other Neuroblastoma Momma's around us.  Many have walked this road for many years and are always so willing to give a hug or offer encouragment.  I am thankful for you. 

  Today we checked in for round 3.  This will be a combination of the last two treatments, CH14.18 and IL2.  CH14.18 was not fun the first time around, hopefully it will go better the second time around.  We covet your prayers.

The Pigott's