June 18, 2010

Another Praise!

I went to clinic yesterday and my immune numbers are climbing and above what they need to be for chemo.  Yeah!!!  They have tripled since Monday.  Isn't that great?  I am so thankful.    Not only do I have a wonderful God that loves me and lots of people praying for me, but my numbers are even better than they wanted for me to do chemo.  They also said that my weight is to my advantage... how did they put it... because I started out a ...little heavier and I have lost a few pounds that it is good.   My taste buds are changing, so what I think I want..may not taste very good.  I used to like strawberry milk but right now I like chocolate milk, hot chocolate and little sausages.  They say that it is good sign that I am eating and walking and even running.  I have enjoyed serveral tea parties a day. 

I am on schedule with my chemo which is good.  They say they really want to start out strong because there will be times that they have to delay chemo for some reason whether my counts are not right, or a fever, etc.  Wouldn't that be cool if God miraculously kept me on my chemo schedule the entire time.   Imagine what those doctors would say.  Let God get the glory.  Well I know that God is the Ultimate Physician and is in complete control.

When I go in for chemo on Saturday, it will be for 3-4 days.  Please pray for me.  Pray that there will be no adverse reaction to the chemo.  Also, please pray there will be no damage for my heart, liver and kidney, and for the cancer to be destroyed.  Please pray for my family too!


The Taras' said...

That is all such wonderful news sweet girl! We are continuing to pray for you!!

ps...I LOVE hot chocolate and little sausages too! :)

Love, Mrs. Sarah

Roberta said...

So happy I got to see you today Halie. I hope you enjoyed your little suprise. I am so thankful for your sillyness, and "spunk". yes, our God is so great and so mighty.I will keep the prayers going I know you and your family are a witness to everyone who reads the bolg, anyone you come in contact to, and oh how God is working through you with the doctors. I would like to stay longer next visit to have a chocolate tea party. Praising God and praying for you sweet Halie, love Ms Berta.

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