June 4, 2010

back to the hospital :(

Today I had to go back to Children's.  My fever went up and blood counts went down.  The doctors decided to give me a blood transfusion.  That is good.  Now they need to keep an eye on me for the next day or so. Please pray that I don't have an infection or chicken pox.  Pray for mommy and daddy...they are tired but trusting.  Thank you for the continued prayers. 


Roberta said...

Sweet Halie, Ms Berta is praying for you and mommy and daddy. You tell them to let me know what I can do to help. I am on summer break so I can help. Do you need dinner for family?
I my prayers, Berta

noni said...

We love you Sweet Baby! We are so sorry you had to go back to the hospital, but we know you will get to come home soon! Hugs & kisses from Papa & Noni!

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