August 27, 2010

Message from my Daddy :) (I LOVE HIM!!!)

Been a while since I sent an update. That is a good thing. She experienced some pretty tough pain following the surgery, but after 4 days she was back to her normal self. She ended up recovering so well they went ahead with the 4th round of chemo. Following that we had a decent 21 days. Halie has been great as usual and is always in great mood when she isn't getting treatment. The next couple months are going to be really tough though.

Monday round 5 of chemo for 4 days

Week of the 6th another round of full body scans, hearing tests and EKG

Week of the 12th start radiation treatment for 12 days to kill any microscopic cells that were not removed with surgery

Week of the 27th Stem Cell transplant - this will be the toughest event so far. They start with a week of chemo so strong it kills the bone marrow. They say she will be completely miserable for two weeks straight. Jenn and I will both be at the hospital for ~ 2 Weeks. Jenn and Halie will be in the hospital for 30 days straight.

Hopefully by Nov. 1 we will be cancer free and start preventative maintenance.

As usual we covet your prayer during the next couple months.


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