September 17, 2010


I am SOOO tired from this looooong week of testing!!!!!!!
Praise the Lord it is Friday and I am pretty much done for now.  I am headed down to Childrens...(hum...something new...hee -hee)  anyway, we are getting the results of the MIBG scan that was done this week and doing the radiation simulation today.  I can't wait for Saturday morning!!  Why?  you say...because I can eat breakfast at the normal time just like everyone else!!!!!  All week I had to fast before the tests.  UGH!!  But I am thankful it is over and that God helped me through it ALL!!

Pray for us as we hear the results....pray that the scan shows NO cancer anywhere!!!!  Pray that there aren't ANY stray cancer cells in my body.  Ask God for wisdom for the doctors treating me to know the best course to remission!!

Pray for mommy and daddy...ya'll know my daddy is "tuff as nails" but his heart hurts for me too...remember him.  More later!

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The Taras' said...

We are all prayin' sweet one!!! We love you guys! I am thankful that Jesus goes out before us!! He prepares the way that we are to walk! What a comfort and peace we have in Him!

Hugs and bunches of kisses!!!

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