February 22, 2011

A time of quiet rest & sweet refreshment....

Isaiah  32:2  "Each will be like a hiding place from the wind,  a shelter from the storm, like streams of water in a dry place, like the shade of a great rock in a weary land" 

  Johnathan Edwards says There are quiet rest and sweet refreshment in Christ for God's people who are weary.  The Lord has given us a sweet time of rest and refreshment.  Today at clinic we got the good news that we get 2 weeks off from clinic and Hospital stays.  In over 9 months I don't recall having such a long break from the hospital.  It comes at such perfect timing.  Immunotherapy has proven to be very hard emotionally and physically, We are weary, Yet our God remains faithful and has not tested us beyond what we can handle.  His grace has been sufficient.  I am looking forward to time at home with the kiddos to just be "normal"  Please pray for health in our home as a fever quickly cuts our little reprieve short and we would be back at TCH. 
  That being said.  We are home.  Halie is loving it and the kids are having a blast with our new Guinea Pig "Rosie" .  The kids are doing great and look forward to time with Daddy, Mommy and Halie. 
   I wanted to say THANK YOU to our wonderful church family for hosting a Lunch for a Cure for Neuroblastoma Research in honor of Halie.  We made over $2,500!  What a blessing.  It's awesome to see God's people rising up to help those who cannot help themselves.  Thank you for your prayers, time and donations.  I am excited to mail the check tommorow.  We are very blest to have such suportive family and friends. 
  Good night & God Bless


noni said...

That is terrific! Please pass along my thanks to all your friends at church who worked so hard on the luncheon. It is such a blessing to see how your church has rallied around you all & what a fabulous donation to Lunch For A Cure!!!!

.......................................Hans Weberling said...

That's wonderful all the way around! Enjoy your R&R!!!

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