July 5, 2011

Last Round of Isotretinoin (Accutane.....)

Praise God,  Halie qualified for her last round of Isotretinoin (Accutane).  She will have her last fourteen days of treatment at home and then we begin the scans for her end of treatment evaluation starting on July 18th.   As soon as I have her schedule I will post it!  We appreciate your prayers. She is fully enjoying her summer being at home with her family!  Swimming is her activity of choice (although we have begun enjoying it more in the evening) the sun is too hard on her while on treatment. We had hoped to get back into the swing of things and get a little more "normal"  but it is not to be...  not yet.  I met with Dr. Louis last week and we still have to be so careful.  Her little body has been through so much and needs time. As many of you know Halie's last treatment of Immunotherapy manipulated her Immune system.  We got the blood work results back from clinic and she did not retain many immunizations after her stem cell transplant this along with a compromised immune system puts her at risk for serious complications.  As Dr. Louis said it is not worth this risk.   The team is working on getting a schedule but it could take time.  Many things have to be considered.   Sometimes it seems surreal that we are at the end of over a year of treatment.  I look at her and she looks so great!  A far cry from even a few months ago.  I am so overwhelmed by the grace of God in our lives. Thank you for your continued prayers.

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