June 12, 2010

Big day yesterday!

Well I had a good day with daddy yesterday.  We played ball.  We colored.  We even found the play room!! I love my daddy!!  Mommy and my brothers and sister came up around dinner time.  We played some more. What a fun time.  Whew- was I tired when they left. I was asleep within 30 minutes and slept almost 12 hours!Thank you Lord for my good day with my family.
My mommy and I are hanging out today.  My levels are pretty much the same. Can't wait till they are at a point when I can go home. Keep praying!

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SAM said...

Hi Halie... We prayed for you in our Sunday School class this morning. It was so sweet to hear the prayers of little ones (4 & 5)
lifting your name to our Lord and asking for healing in Jesus' name. I truly cannot get you out of my mind. I know this is the Lord prompting me to be in constant prayer for you and your family. Tell your mommy I love her and even though I have not spoken to her our hearts our one in the Lord.
Love you,
Ms. Samantha

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