June 9, 2010

Good morning!

Praise the Lord...my counts are beginning to go up!  HOORAY!!!  Pray they continue to increase...then I'll be able to go home!!!  The doctors told me I don't have bacteria in my blood...Thank You God!!!   Pray that as they take me off my antibiotics that my fever will not come back!  Praise God for His care for ME!!!

Here is a bit of concern....as you know with the chemo, most patients hair will fall out.   Well...it is starting to happen to me.  Please pray for mommy and me as it happens.

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Carson said...

Praise the Lord Halie! We will pray specifically for all these.....

don't worry about your sweet little hair....God will make it grow back. Did you know in China where your friend Anna Bei is from that they shave all the little girls hair b/c they can't care for it like we can here? I thought all the little girls were so pretty without hair, you will be too :) There are lots of fun hats you can wear, maybe we can have a hat party for you!
Love, Mrs. Alicia (anna bei's mommy)

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