October 17, 2010

Chemo ends tonight

My body has been doing pretty good with the chemo.  Boy this stuff is yuckie!  I feel pretty good when the doctors give me anti-nausea medication and the pain medication.  I am able to play and giggle...but then I get very sleepy and take a nap.  Sleep is good for me, at least that is what mommy says!  Please pray for my brothers and sister while mommy and daddy are here with me.  Nana and pa-pa Pat  are with them which is really good.  I know they are alot of fun!!  Pray for continued protection for my body...once I am done with chemo tonight I will get a couple days of "rest."  This will give my body time to eliminate the chemo medication.  Then I get my stem cells.  Thank you for praying for my family and me!

Time to play....     xoxoxooxx


Feathers said...

Praying for you sweet Halie. If your mommy could send me your address my friend and I make hats/headbands for little girls going through chemo! Not that you aren't beautiful just the way you are - but just would like to send something your way to know others are praying for you.
Mommy, here is my email address: alicia.hutchins@teexmail.tamu.edu

Anita Crawford Clark said...

My friend Kay Lee Haw posted on her FB wall and I knew I must send up prayers for you little one and for your brave family. I have a children's book I wrote coming out sometime in 2012 and would love to dedicate to you dearest Halie. It is a book on building prayer and faith in young children. That way whenever some mommy reads it to her child, they can say a special prayer for you.

Blessings to you all,


Suz and Brandon said...

Have you guys heard about http://www.facebook.com/laylagracefoundation ?
They are looking for guest bloggers.

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