October 22, 2010

Even in the deep valley, HE is there.

I had a looong, rough night.  My fever went up to 103.5...it did break for a short time ... down to 99.0 and this morning it is back up to 103.5.  The nurses aren't too alarmed and they say it is "normal."  The doctors have cultures going to find out the source of the infection.  They have changed my antibiotics as well.  Pray it is NOT my central line, pray the fever breaks, pray we all get some rest today.  Please pray for mommy and daddy...even though this is "normal" I am sure it is still difficult for mom and dad. 

Today is my sisters birthday.  Please pray for her as well.  We already had a family birthday party for her before I came to the hospital.  Pray she feels special today

  His mercies are new every morning!

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