November 30, 2010


Delicious!!!!!  Hot chocolate tastes better when it is cold outside!! I ate sooo much on Thanksgiving and we played and played....what a FUN holiday!  Things have been going pretty good for me.  My tests they ran the other day...all good.  I don't walk funny any more.  Don't know why I did...guess I just needed a little strength after being in bed for such a long time. 

My mommy has done such a great job decorating for Christmas.  It looks like a winter wonderland inside.  Daddy is going to put up a bunch of lights and the back porch is going to look magical.  I can't wait until he is done.  Maybe I'll just sleep outside....hee-hee...just kidding!!!!

Please keep me in your prayers...I will have several more tests coming up.  Pray everyone stays well and Nana and paw-paw Pat stay healthy so I can see them!  I wanna give them BIG hugs!!! 

Merry Christmas!


Courtney said...

Dear Halie and Family,

You don't know me at all, but I read about you on and have been following your story.
Our family is an Aggie family -- the Mommy and Daddy met their first weekend at Texas A&M! We now have three Aggie kids, one of which is 4 and has some of the same clothes and toys that are in your pictures. ;0)

Mommy worked for an organization for many years, asking people for donations to help researchers find cures for cancer, and to help families who had to go to lots of appointments and spend time apart from each other, too. We all learned that sometimes nice people (even kids!) get sick, and it takes a lot of doctors, nurses and special friends to make things better.

Just wanted you to know that you have some extra prayers every day from our family...for your Mom and Dad, siblings and other family members, too. We also rejoice in the good news of your progress! I know your Mom and Dad have had their Christmas wish already come true, but we hope that you and your family have so much fun this year.

Another Aggie Family

Vickie said...

Hi Halie! Your photos are soooo cute! It looks like you have totally figured out how to have a good time, even when you are getting chemo. It looks like you are at Texas Children's Hospital, because I recognize the shower curtain and some of the other things in the background of the photos.

I came to your site because some many people were linking to the lanyard website from here, I had to check it out. I am glad I got to meet you on your webpage and will visit every time your mom or dad writes an update. Thank you for putting a link up to the lanyard projects. We have raised over $55,000 in less than two years.


Ky, Lori, Cason, Cole, and Cody said...

I'm so glad you are doing well Halie! We love reading your updates so keep them coming:) We love you and rejoice with you!

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