November 23, 2010

I have been having a really good time since coming home.  I am so grateful that I am just 3 while I am going through this very difficult season in my life.  Mom and dad tell me what is going to happen and call it all good.  I am going to the hospital in the morning...I have been walking a little weird since I've been home.  At first the nurse said she wasn't too concerned, after all I had been in bed for a month...but now the doctors want to evaluate me.  I may have a CT or MRI scan done.  Won't know until the evaluation...please pray for my mommy and daddy.  I know this is scary for them...I'm too young to know something could be wrong.  Pray that God would give them the trust and peace that He gives me through my parents.  Mommy is being brave...daddy is a rock....pray that Jesus would continue to reveal Himself to them as He walks them through.  Please pray...feel free to post a comment to let me know you're praying.

  Happy Thanksgiving!


Suz and Brandon said...

Halie, I have never met you or your sweet parents. But we are Aggies too and live in The Woodlands. We pray for you every day. Sometimes you come into my thoughts during the day, and I know you need a little extra prayer. Hang in there.

noni said...

My darling Halie, Papa & I pray for you constantly- we will be up to see you this afternoon-we love you so much & pray that God will heal you completely & take this awful trial away. You are such a warrior & we are so proud of the trust you have in Mommy & Daddy & their trust in the Lord. oxoxoxoxoxoxxoNoni

The Taras' said...

woops! I don't know if my comment stuck!

I am praying for you all sweet girl! I love you all dearly!

Shantiwilliams said...

We have never met you, but we have met your parents. Praying for you all the way from India!

Leggio said...


We love you and have been lifting you up in prayer. You are such a tuff little cookie. We are proud of how brave you have been through this all.

Stacy said...

Sweet Halie,

We are constantly praying for you and asking Jesus to strengthen you and draw you ever so close to Himself. Of course we pray for complete healing of cancer too!! What a testimony you and your mommy and daddy have been to our family through your illness of how faith grows in trials and how Jesus is always present with us. What a blessing you and your family is to us and we love you all. You are constantly in our thoughts and prayers and we lift you up to our great Savior often. Be blessed this Thanksgiving. With love and prayers, The Daniel Family

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