November 8, 2010

PTL!!!! I'm free to go home!!!!!

Hooray!!!   I go home today!!!!  My own sister and brothers,  ALL my toys, sleeping in my own bed(well....maybe mommy and daddy's bed)  AAHHHHH!!  

In the middle of all the excitement and joy....I am still in isolation, BUT isolation at my house is FAR better than the hospital!!  Pray my counts keep going up and that my family stays well!!  We are on neutropenic precautions for at least 6 weeks.  I wanted to say thank you to the kind people who came to clean my house for us today...Mommy is delighted to just be able to come home and not have to clean like a mad woman!! 

More later....I have got some playing to catch up on!


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Emmalyn F said...

I am so thrilld for you all! I think of you often & pray for you! I wish that there was more I could do. Jen please call me when you get settled in & feel like you have time to talk.
Much love,
Kelly Franz

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