January 20, 2011

Big sigh!!!!!

whew!!!!It looks like this will be my last night for this round!!  Praise the Lord for His protection!!  Yes I still have fever but it is part of the side effects.  Please keep praying...pray my fever doesn't get too high and the pain stays away.  Pray for mommy and daddy...they are tired and could use a good nights sleep.  (right...in the hospital?!?!?!)  Anyway...the doctors say in spite of the side effects I am having I am still doing really well on this treatment.  That encouraged my mommy's heart!  Please pray things continue to go well and I get released tomorrow.  I miss my family....speaking of my family...please pray for my sister and brothers.  I know they are worried about me.  Please pray God will kindly remind them He is in control.I am safe in His power and control.

OK   back to resting....xxoo

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The Taras' said...

I was wide awake at 3:30 this morning...and I was praying for you! Isn't it great that God never sleeps? He is always ready to hear us- any time of night!!!

I will pray for these things as well! I bet you could ALL use some rest in your own beds!!! Love and big hugs!!!

Love, Mrs. Sarah

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