January 19, 2011

His mercies are new every morning.....

The fever went really high (105) last night but it was a side effect.  Once I got off the antibody for the day my fever went away!!  Now we are gearing up for today's treatment.  I will be getting out of ICU and going back to my regular room today...that is good because the chairs here aren't designed for daddy and mommy to sleep.  They are tired!!  I will be getting the antibody at the lower dose for 20 hours again.  The doctors expect my fever to return (just like last night) yet this time we all know it is just a side effect.  Still scary but OK. 

Please continue to pray for the same things...heart rate lowered, blood pressure to rise, pain managed, and fluid eliminated. Oh...plus be ready for the high fever again.  Please pray God would continue to reassure mommy and daddy about this tough journey.  It is for my good as hard as it is...one day daddy is going to give me away at my wedding to my knight in shining armor whom the Lord is preparing now for me!!!!!  Love to you all!! 


The Taras' said...

Praying praying praying! Hang in there sweet one! <3

Ryan said...

We are praying specifically for you Hallie!
The Berwick Family

.......................................Hans Weberling said...

Oh, hang in there! I hadn't checked your site in a couple of weeks, I guess, I didn't even know you had started the therapy, much less that you've been in ICU.

We had a handful of nights in the ICU and they were surely our roughest and scariest. I'll be keeping you and Halie in my prayers. I hope that she recovers quickly! The dear little thing.

Lara, mom to Hans

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