June 29, 2010

I am freeeeee... from the IV

I am so excited.. I am jumping on my bed and running around my room singing... "I am free.. I am really free."  (over and over and over!!)   This morning I flashed my baby blue eyes and gave the doctors my word that I would continue to drink and eat plenty of popsicles.  So the nurses disconnected my IV around 2pm and will come back at 9pm to connect me back up.   Until then I will just be thankful and sing my songs.  My mommy took a picture of me singing and being so happy.  She said she is going to try to post it today!! 

Please pray that my ANC count to recover and go up so she can go home, it is still 0. But God can change that. Thanks for your prayers! 

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Payne family said...

"I am free to run, I am free to dance, I am free to live for you....sounds like she's heard that song before....Praise God she is free! Love you all.

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