July 5, 2010

God is Good ALL the time!!

Sorry I haven't been here to write...I have been having too much fun enjoying my family!!

I am so thankful I was at home ALL weekend!!  I had such FUN with my family.  I would imagine things are progressing just fine.  The reason I think this is because I'm NOT in the hospital!!! 

Here is what's coming up this week and a HUGE matter of prayer: 

Tomorrow, mommy has to take me for a test to see how the chemo is working in my body.  The doctors will put me to sleep for this quick test...so pray I don't have a reaction to the anesthesia.  After the test...pray I am still doing well and we go home.

Wednesday, I have to go back to Children's for an injection (OUCH!!)  Pray for me to be brave and again we will get to go back home after this. 

Thursday, Yet another test.  This one is a bit longer in procedure time and may require a breathing tube...Pray that this goes smoothly.   You see, my platelets are still low and this could cause a bit of a problem.  Pray for the doctors as they perform the tests to have wisdom and exacting eyes to see any and all improvement/issues!  Pray my test show MUCH progress and this nasty cancer is going away!!! 

Thank you for your prayers....mommy and daddy really appreciate your support!! 

Pray for my mommy and daddy...they have alot to consider and pray for regarding my care!

Good Night to all..."In peace I will both lie down and sleep...for You alone, O Lord, cause me to dwell in safety."  Ps 4:8

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