July 22, 2010

God is so good to me!!!

Today I went to Children's for clinic and needed a transfusion.  Things are going pretty well...sounds crazy needing a transfusion and things are progressing...but it's true!  My ANC is up over 7000....that's right I said 7000!

Praise the Lord! 

This week coming up is a HUGE week for me. 

First...Stem cell harvest...Pray I qualify for this....then surgery to remove the tumors from my body.  Please pray for this as well.  The surgery may take over 8 hours to complete and I will be sedated for 12 hours after.  Mommy and daddy will be there for my surgery ... recovery is at least 7 days after that...and at the end of the recovery I will go into round 4 of chemo.  It will be a LONG hospital stay from surgery through chemo.  Pray for mommy, daddy and my family along with me. 

Kyle had his birthday today....Mommy made a deeelicious chocolate cake and we had a really cool movie night!  Happy Birthday Kyle....I love you!!!!!

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The Taras' said...

This is GREAT news sweet girl! I will be praying Halie! I know its gonna be a rough round- stay strong and brave little one!

We all love you! Hugs and kisses to all of your family from the Taras'!

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