July 25, 2010

Two glorious weeks at home!!!

Hello friends!!

Can you believe I have had 2 weeks at home???  Praise the Lord!  My ANC is over 7000 and I feel good!  These weeks have been filled with playing My Little Pony, Strawberry  Shortcake, "ghost," LOTS of giggles and fun!  Now we need to get back to business...  :)

This week starts off with my Stem Cell Harvest.   The best comparison is something similar to dialysis. They will put a line in my leg in the morning and then hook me up to a machine in the afternoon which pulls out my stem cells out of my blood stream and reinjects everything that isn't used. So.... me being a 3 yr. old trapped in a chair for 3-4 hours plus the line in the leg will be no fun.  :(  Pray for God's peace and comfort to help me get through this procedure. 

I have got a very busy week and this is just the beginning.  I'll keep you posted as the week continues.  The biggest day is Thursday...my surgery.

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