August 5, 2010

Thankful for the healing God is giving

Another day of rest and recovery.  Today looks much the same but we hope to get our room on the 9th floor today.  Hooray!   Once I'm there it means I will be able to have my brothers and sister spend the night with us!!  The doctors took the IV off and that is great!  I am still taking medication for the pain but I am moving around much better, but not close to "normal" yet!  I may begin chemo as early as Friday but most likely will be Monday...10 days from my surgery.  This will give my lungs even more healing time.  Pray God continues mending my body stat (do you like my hospital term??) and my lungs would clear up quickly.

Mommy and daddy are doing just fine!!  Please continue to pray for them as well and pray everyone stays well. 


christy said...

Hey sweet angel! We all love u so much! Mikaella Matt and Hannah say hello and can't wait til ur all better so they can come play w u. Hope u feel better soon. We are praying for u! Love u so much! Love aunt Christy and unclebrett and ur cousins

christy said...

We r soooooooooooooooo proud of u!!!!!!!

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