August 1, 2010


Well I am still in the process of recovering.  The doctors tell mommy and daddy that it can take up to 3-10 days.  The doctors feel one of my lungs is starting to collapse, so please pray.  They got me up a few times today to sit up which will help me and make me take deeper breaths which will push the air out.  They even brought bubbles in for me to blow... but they weren't fooling me!!!  :)    Maybe tomorrow I will feel more up to it.  I really don't feel like talking much, but I do like holding mommy and daddy's hand.

Please pray for mommy and daddy, they don't like to see me like this.  But God will heal me !  He continues to work in me.  I will be back playing princess with my brother Kyle.. being my prince in no time!!!
Please continue to pray for the infection in my body to be healed, the unwanted air to move out of me, and for my body to continue to recover!

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