October 25, 2010

Daddy's message...

Just wanted to give everyone a quick update. When we checked into the hospital we started with 4 days x 24 hrs a day of straight chemotherapy. That part of the procedure went well. Last Wednesday Halie received her cells back and was doing great. Starting Friday she developed a fever of 103. This isn't great because it could be a virus or infection and she has no immune system to fight it. On top of that she has developed the mouth and throat soars and generally feels terrible. The fever has been at 103 for three days now, but measured 100 this morning for the first time, so hopefully the fever has broken. Please continue to keep Halie in your prayers.
On a positive note we have really experienced some genuine hospitality from some non-profit organizations.
His Grace - had a big basket of snacks, some toys for Halie and brought us a big meal on the day of transplant. They will also give families a $25 shopping credit and will go to the store for them once a week.
Deck My Room - came in Thursday and decked out the hospital room with pink blankets, pink pillows, put butterfly stickers all over the room and brought two huge bags full of toys for her to play with.
APC Fishing Tournament - gave us a big check that will really help with all the extra expenses that mount with a five week hospital stay.
We have been very blessed by our friends, co-workers and complete strangers through this difficult process. If you are have a little extra jingle in your pocket and want to use it to make a real difference in a child's life, please consider supporting one of these groups.
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