October 24, 2010

Pain, pain...go away!!!!

This post isn't for the faint hearted!  I have sores all through my mouth and throat, stomach and intestinal tract.  It is awful.  The good news is the pain medication works pretty well.  I still vomit and feel pretty yuckie though.  Mommy and daddy are troopers.  They comfort me and do the best they can to help me.   Pray for continued strength as God works moment by moment in my life and my mommy and daddy's.  He is carrying us through, Praise the Lord, please make the healing and feeling better come soon!!!  Thank you to everyone praying for us.  This is soooo very hard for us!


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Rachel Kerbel said...

Oh bless her heart. I will pray for you and your whole family! I know this is a hard time, I will pray that the Lord provides you with peace, rest, and HEALING!

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