October 30, 2010


Hey!  I am really tired and my body is trying to recover.  I have to say it has been really tough the past few days...my fever got really high and the doctors brought cooling blankets for me but the good news is now my temperature is pretty much normal!!  PRAISE THE LORD!!!  There have been a few other little bumps in the road but the Lord has worked them out as well!  Please keep praying for my body to recover.  I still have a loooong road ahead! 

Just wondering if anyone has checked out my links yet.  They are really cool.  There will be a bake sale soon at the hospital to benefit CNCF.  I can't wait to see all the goodies!  Time for more rest.  Thank you and please continue to pray for me!

PS Thank you Lord for giving mommy and daddy's friend, Danny Parrott, a new liver!


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