June 24, 2010

I'll be staying

Back in ICU... looks like a couple more days of fluid and R+R.


Payne family said...

we'll pray that you get on the oncology floor tonight!! If that is possible! We will also pray that two days doesn't turn into more. I know that the rollercoaster ride seems long sometimes, but....there's a reason. Maybe you're gonna run into that lady again!! I'm praying for you. Love you so much.

Steven Batchelder said...

Jason or Jennifer - I found your blog via Texags - My daughter Laurel (also 3) was diagnosed with Embryonal Rhabdomayosarcoma in Feb. My wife and I are also both Aggies - Will you please e-mail me - stevebatch@yahoo.com.

We spend WAAAAYYYY too much time up on the 9th floor at TCH - would love to come by and introduce the kids sometime and buy you guys a coffee.

Are you sick and tired of Chipotle, McDonalds, Subway and Chick-Fil-A yet ?

Talk to you soon.

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