June 24, 2010

I'm not feeling good today

Daddy and Mommy are taking me to the hospital today.  I was throwing up (yuck) last night and my temperature it spiking today.  This is around the time I should begin to feel bad but please pray for wisdom for the nurses this morning to know the best way to take care of me.  If I need to be admitted to the hospital or if I can just go to the clinic for a transfusion and go home.  Please pray for my family too.  They don't like seeing me feel bad and they need the peace and comfort only Jesus can give!!!  I'll let you know more later today! 

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The Stire family said...

Hey there Halie girl, we sure love you and we are praying for you! We hope you feel all better soon and get back home to your sweet family. Give your mommy and daddy big hugs and kisses from us (especially give your daddy a big slobbery kiss from Mr. Kris...heeheehee). We hope to see your sweet face soon.

Mr Kris and Miss Chelle Stire

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