June 26, 2010

Please Pray

I am in a room -yeah.  My brother, Kyle, stayed with me and mommy last night.  We had fun and played.  Well my Nana and Aleks wanted to stay with me too, so Mommy and daddy took Kyle home around 8 pm.  (No parents-and Nana spoils me!!)  Well, on the way home Kyle got sick.  

My immune system is 0, so this is not good. Please pray that God will keep these germs away from me.  If it is a bacterial infection, I am on antibiotics, but if it is viral I will rely on my God to protect me!  Please pray for family so they will not get sick.  Please pray for Kyle that he will feel better soon.  Please pray for wisdom and rest for mom and dad.

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Ryan said...

oh precious Jesus, our GREAT Physician....please protect this little one from infection from getting whatever Kyle has.....oh Lord please give this family encouragement in the midst of this storm, and please keep their entire family from getting sick. Oh Lord and please help Kyle get better quickly. Lord all of us out here feel helpless to help, but we are fully reliant on You to do Your work.....all we can do is pray, so that is what we are doing. Please answer in a mighty way. Keep Halie safe in Your Arms.

(Alicia B.)

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