July 30, 2010

9:45 this morning...surgery

We can ask for the miracle...that my tumors would be gone and surgery would be over within minutes...this is my prayer! However, we all know God may not have that planned. I'm thankful that my small faith is in a GREAT God who is able to do miracles and causes me to trust in our gracious God for what He has planned for me and my family.

Please pray for the doctors (this is an 8-12 hour surgery) they would stay alert, have the wisdom needed for the many decisions made during surgery, good communication between the doctors and nurses, precision in removing tumors and protection for her other organs.

Pray my family will see God's comfort and peace as I am in surgery.

Will update later.

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Bryan, Lindsey, Nathanael, and Caleb said...

Have been praying for a miracle! Praying for Jenn and Jason to have peace during the surgery and that it would go quickly. Love to you all!

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