July 29, 2010

Surgery on Friday

Friday is a big day!  I am scheduled to arrive at Children's by 7:45 am.  I don't know the exact surgery time but it will be after 7:45  :) 

Please pray for me and my family ... my surgery should take 8 - 12 hours.
Pray first for the miracle...the tumors would be gone and they have nothing to remove...you know, it is ok to ask for that...if God chooses not to heal me that way...then...pray the Lord would use the doctors and nurses as His instrument to skillfully and carefully remove the tumors, while protecting my kidneys and other organs.  Pray for His peace to cover mommy, daddy, Aleks, Chloe, Kyle, and my grandparents...super-natural peace...to God be the glory!   Let's all ask and trust God for a good report tomorrow!  

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