July 31, 2010

Revised Prayer request

There was an infection that the surgeon found when I was in surgery located in my lung cavity.  The doctors know the source of it and are treating it with antibiotics.  There is also air in my lung cavity, which is not supposed to be there.  I am supposed to do breathing exercises, or cry or laugh, or scream-which I do not want to do because honestly it hurts and with the medicine I am on it makes me very tired.  So please pray for the infection to be healed and for me to be willing to do what I need to do to get the air out of that area.  The doctors have scheduled an Xray at 5am tomorrow morning to see if it is better. 

Good news-my temperature has gone down to 100.5-101, and my heart rate has gone down.

Our God hears our prayers.

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The Stire family said...

Praying for you sweet girl, that Christ would be exalted in your body and through the healing that only He can give. What a tremendous walking testimony you are of His immense power. Paul said that he knew he would be delivered through the prayers of the believers and the provision of the Spirit of Jesus Christ (Phil 1:19) - praying the same for you. There are LOTS of people praying for you. Looking forward to seeing you in September.

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